10 Young and Rich Women

10 Young and rich women | Women leaving a mark |


Times are changing at a fast pace. Women are actively participating in every field. Business is one of the fields in which women excel to reach heights. Many women worldwide have made their place on the rich people’s list in Forbes and Bloomberg. Let us introduce you to some young women with high net worth.

1. Charlotte Casiraghi

  • Age: 33
  • Net worth: $5.7 Billion

Charlotte Casiraghi | 10 Young and rich women

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Charlotte Casiraghi’s birth took place with a golden spoon in her mouth. She was born in the imperial group of Monaco, she’s had everything since the very first moment. All things considered, that didn’t prevent her from seeking after her very own career aspirations as a model and philanthropist.  

Casiraghi completed her degree in philosophy from Sorbonne University yet she’s generally known for being the fundamental essence of Gucci and the supervisor at Gucci magazine. She didn’t agree to simply be another rich young lady with no desire.

2. Yang Huiyan

  • Age: 38
  • Net worth: $21.2 Billion

Yang Huiyan | 10 Young and rich women

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 Huiyan is the wealthiest lady in Asia. That is exactly how unbelievably and ridiculously rich she became after her dad Yang Guoqiang moved 70% of Country Garden Holdings to her in 2007. 

Huiyan is presently a land financier at the young age of 38 and her fortune keeps on developing consistently. To place it in setting, her total assets in 2018 were about 12.6 million and now it’s twice as that.

3. Caroline Hagen Kjos

  • Age: 36
  • Net worth: $2.5 Billion

Caroline Hagen Kjos | 10 Young and rich women

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Caroline wasn’t happy with simply being the beneficiary of the Canica AS domain. She’s grasped an influential position in the organization and has been their Chairwoman through a portion of their best occasions. She is the 8th richest person in Norway as per Loans ranker

Canica AS is the parent organization of a few Swedish and Norwegian goliaths like RIMI, Orkla Jernia, Komplett, Ignis, and Steen and Strøm, and Caroline right now holds around 97.5% of the organization.

4. Perenna Kei

  • Age: 30
  • Net worth: $1.3 Billion

You should be very acquainted with Perenna Kei’s name in case you’re a devotee of Forbes’ rankings, as she has been on the list continuously for about 10 years. She’s the CEO and Chairman of Logan Property Holdings. 

Kei originates from probably the wealthiest family and keeps on accumulating packs of money from the land business. Also, she has a four-year college education in Economics with a significant in Finance from the University of London.

5. Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke

  • Age: 33
  • Net worth: $1.2 Billion

Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke | 10 Young and rich women


Eva is a rich woman with a zeal to build new innovations in healthcare. She has been making her worth from her new innovations and clinical innovation. She is extremely power driven and intelligent.

In actuality, Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke at present possesses 12% of German clinical assistance monster B. Braun Melsungen, even though she additionally holds other minor interests in the fields of clinical exploration.

6. Lynsi Torres

  • Age: 35
  • Net worth: $1.1 Billion

Lynsi Torres |10 Young and rich women

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There’s a lot of chance that you’ve made Lynsi Torres significantly get richer by every passing day. Lynsi Torres (once in the past known as Lynsi Seawell and Lynsi Martínez) is the proprietor and solitary beneficiary of In-N-Out Burger. 

Torres isn’t just the lion’s share partner of the organization, she is also the person who considers essentially all the decision making since acquiring In-N-Out from his dad. The organization was established by her granddad Harry Snyder.

7. Lisa Draexlmaier

  • Age: 29
  • Net worth: $1 billion

Lisa Draexlmaier | 10 Young and rich women

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Lisa Draexlmaier isn’t an ordinary tycoon. She keeps the majority of her undertakings to herself yet has worked superbly by taking over Draexlmaier Group, a German organization that creates and sells car hardware. 

Draexlmaier is presently the organization’s sole proprietor with as much as 70,000 representatives under her order. They have 58 areas worldwide yet depend on Vilsbiburg, Lower Bavaria, Germany.

8. Kylie Jenner

  • Age: 22
  • Net worth: $1 Billion

Kylie Jenner | 10 Young and rich women

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You may know Kylie Jenner from the unscripted TV drama Keeping Up With The Kardashians. One of the beautiful young ladies of the Jenner group is quite the wealthiest of their sisters, to enter the list of youngest self-made billionaires.

Jenner turned into a makeup and cosmetics industry and her items have been selling like a hurricane in the market. She began the organization in 2015. The sky’s the only limit for her bold, intelligent, and ambitious moves.

9. Rihanna

  • Age: 32
  • Net Worth: $600 million

Rihanna | 10 Young and rich women


She’s made the main part of her fortune from Fenty Beauty, the cosmetics brand she co-possesses with extravagance merchandise bunch LVMH. 

She additionally co-possesses Savage X Fenty undergarments line with financial specialists including on the web design firm TechStyle Fashion Group. 

One of the most open-heartedly charitable VIPs has given upwards of $8 million to Covid aid projects. She gave $1 million to New York’s destitute, $2.1 million to mishandle casualties in LA, and $5 million to different causes through her Clara Lionel Foundation.

10. Ankiti Bose

  • Age: 28 years
  • Net Worth: $970 million

Ankiti Bose |10 Young and rich women

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Ankiti Bose is the prime supporter and CEO of Zilingo, multinational e-commerce that is upcoming worldwide. She has been highlighted in Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 rundown in 2018 just as in Fortune’s 40 Under 40 alongside Bloomberg 50 of the year 2019. 

Bose is from India. She pursued arithmetic and financial aspects at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai 

Bose is engaged with projects to help and coach ladies entrepreneurs. She has spoken at the World Economic Forum.


These young ladies are an inspiration to all inspiring girls who are willing to build and grow something of their own. Being an entrepreneur takes a sharp mind, intuitive skills and so much more. These women are ready to rule the world. The future can be women handling all the major positions in every field. The change is now visible.


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