Startup of the year 2022

Startup Of The Year 2022

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With each passing day, startups are changing the dynamics of the whole business world. The innovative and problem-solving approach of the startups introduces the world to revolutionising products. But it is said that the Formulation of Ideas is easy. Implementation is hard. Ask this from any Startup Founder and they would have a unique experience to share.

With the unique blend of innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking, startups are winning the business world across the globe. Be it startups helping the restaurant business work efficiently or businesses making the checkout experience hassle-free or Pay Stub helping in keeping the track of salary, taxes and other financial aspects.

Let’s take a look at some innovative startups that bring significant change to the industry. 

  • 108 GB RAM

Category: Digital Security

108 GB RAM | Govind Kulkarni | Startup Of The Year 2022

Incepted in 2021, 108 GB RAM Global IT Services delivers world-class cybersecurity solutions to various organisations; be it small-scale businesses or big organisations. The company has the absolute aim of helping businesses build a safer, more secure and connected world. 

Govind Kulkarni is the Director of the company who set up the organisation with a clear vision to make the business landscape a secure place. He also ensures that the company has the right mix of customers and revenues so that the company reaches infinite heights.


Category: Influencer Marketing

Budding Influencers | Nadeem Siddiqui | Startup Of The Year 2022

A best-in-class influencer marketing platform, Budding Influencers was incepted in April 2020. The platform connects the right brand with the right influencers and provides a plethora of services: Influencer Outreach, Influencer Coordination, Campaign Tracking, Campaign Support, Content Support, and Campaign Reporting. 

Nadeem Siddiqui, the CEO and Co-Founder of the company strives to create an effective marketing campaign for different brands via his company, Budding Influencers. Acing the internet marketing game, Budding Influencers helps brands in creating stronger brand visibility and awareness. 


Category: Retail Convenience

DroptheQ | Vaibhav Singhal | Startup Of The Year 2022

Headquartered in Noida, DroptheQ is on a mission to make customers’ checkout experience convenient and hassle-free. The exceptionally unique Phygital Solutions save the time customers spend waiting in long queues in restaurants, retail stores and food courts. 

To eliminate the long queues at the checkout process, Vaibhav Singhal incepted DroptheQ in August 2021. The company is growing multifold with its innovative and unique problem-solving approach and currently marking its presence in 7 cities across India. Amalgamating digital convenience while being physically present in the store, DroptheQ offers services such as Self-checkouts at Modern Retail, Pre-ordering and Pay-my-bill at Local and Famous Restaurants and Order2Serve at the food courts and other Self-service Restaurants. 


Category: Restaurant Operating System

Explorex | Mainak Sarkar | Startup Of The Year 2022

Incepted in 2020, Explorex provides a complete solution to help restaurants in streamlining their businesses and enable them to grow faster. Established by IIT Duo, Mainak Sarkar and Pritam Khan, Explorex is currently growing at 20% MoM (Month-over-Month). 

Bridging the gap of technical expertise in the restaurant industry, Explorex reduces the operational complexity and costs associated with its piecemeal solutions and legacy software. Helping restaurants with a reliable and trustworthy mode of payment collection methods, the company has partnered with reputed payment players in the industry including Razorpay, Paytm and MSwipe. Explorex is further planning to expand its business by becoming a partner of 80% of the country’s restaurants in the next 5 years.  


Category: Best Bootstrapped Startup

Ikarus 3D | Ishan Kumar Giddu | Startup Of The Year 2022

With the ambition of ‘Pushing Beyond Limits’, Ikarus 3D is bringing a revolution in the world of digital reality. Creating premium 3D models, Ikarus has become a trusted name in the AR, VR and WebAR Service industry. Ishan Kumar Giddu’s passion to create something innovative that marks the revolution in the world led to the birth of Ikarus 3D. 

Incepted in 2019, the journey of Ikarus started from a small cafe in Patiala near the TIET campus. And now, with the hard work and dedication of the entire team, Ikarus 3D has marked its firm presence globally and has a client base in more than 17 countries including the US, Australia and Europe. 


Category: Human Resources 

Lateral HR Consulting | Chirag Harish Thakker | Startup Of The Year 2022

Founded in 2021, Lateral HR Consulting is on a mission to offer tailor-made recruitment solutions to organisations in Talent Acquisition. Chirag Harish Thakker, the CEO of the company, ensures the company’s smooth operations and consistent growth with his Guerrilla Strategies and industry-rich experience. 

After building the trust of the clients with its stellar services globally, Lateral HR is now entering into the recruitment-tech industry with the brand name Lateral Bridge. Lateral Bridge is committed to solving tech hiring challenges through a global staff augmentation model. The company is working diligently to create a robust process that ensures a complete hiring process in just 8-10 days which usually takes upto 90-120 days. 


Category: Operations and Maintenance

Maintenance House | Siddhant Kachroo | Startup Of The Year 2022

Providing an innovative and revolutionary one-stop shop for maintenance solutions, Maintenance House is standing tall in the maintenance industry and is becoming the preferred name for the B2B community. The company offers preventive maintenance services to enable customers to maintain, operate and improve their assets with ease. 

With its reliable, efficient and quality maintenance services, Maintenance House builds a diverse client base that includes companies from various industries such as Hospitality, Retail Management, Real Estate, and Public Infrastructure Management. Handling over 1,50,000 products every month, the company operates and manages from multiple locations including Delhi, NCR, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and many more. 


Category: Gaming 

Ploogl Technologies | Varun Mittal | Startup Of The Year 2022

To revolutionise the gaming industry, Ploogl Technologies is creating a 360-degree gaming ecosystem to make gaming products and equipment affordable to the masses. Incorporated in 2019 by Varun Mittal, Ploogl Technologies is working diligently to spread awareness about the gaming industry. 

Exploring the diverse areas of the gaming industry, Ploogl Technologies offers a wide range of gaming products including gaming consoles, wireless controllers, VR, Racing Wheel, Xbox, PS5, and PS4. The company is set to launch its online Gaming Academy which enables gamers to acquire in-depth knowledge and also teaches them about how they can earn through gaming. 


Category: Digital Learning

Sarmentum | Naveen Bhatnagar & Sharad Saran | Startup Of The Year 2022

Co-Founded by Naveen Bhatnagar and Sharad Saran in 2019, Sarmentrum is a Digital Learning company that delivers the best in class digital content using Rapid Authoring Tools. Making digital learning engaging, personalised and inclusive, Sarmentum uses various methods like gamification, performance tools and simulation-based learning. 

Within just one year of inception, Sarmentum builds the trust of the customers with its exceptional digital learning solutions and marks its presence globally with national and international clients. Integrating the core expertise with the passion for new technology, the highly professional team facilitate world-class and customised learning solutions.


Category: Healthcare

Seva At Home | Atul Gandhi | Startup Of The Year 2022

Bringing high-quality compassionate care for loved ones, Seva At Home is a reliable home healthcare platform. With the aim of offering quality healthcare, Seva At Home provides various care services including Post-Surgical Recovery, Plan For The Patient, Meal Planning, Post Knee/Hip Replacement Care, Stroke Recovery and many more. 

With more than 26 years of rich experience, Atul Gandhi, the CEO of Seva At Home, is taking the company to various achievements with his strategic planning.


Category: AI-Powered Career Training & Corporate Mentoring

VIOSA | Ashish Sardesai | Startup Of The Year 2022

India’s first AI-enabled EdTech learning platform, VIOSA is providing the best in class career guidance solutions. The professional course of the company helps students and job seekers to create a successful career and make them job-ready. VIOSA empowers learners with job-ready skills and makes them capable to stand out from the rest of the prospects. 

With the visionary approach of Ashish Sardesai (The CEO & Co-Founder), VIOSA is understanding the needs of freshers and job seekers and identifying the required readiness for the desired jobs in the corporate world.

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