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“We strive to follow our Motto “Triumph Through Trust” which means, victory is achieved only by trusting each other. Our clients trust us; hence it is our duty to fulfil their dreams & vision – And each day we endeavour to live by these principles.”

Omkar Singh (Managing Partner,
Tristar Immigration)

To explore new business opportunities and gain financial security, people immigrate to different places but it is not as easy as it seems. Immigration is quite a stressful process. It is difficult for a layman to understand the rules, regulations, and laws & migrate to a non-familiar country. With profound knowledge and immense experience, a quick-witted leader, Omkar Singh led the inception of one of the leading immigration consultancies, Tristar Immigration in Bangalore to deliver world-class services to its customers and make the process of immigration hassle-free.  

Incorporated in 2018, Tristar Immigration was created with a definite goal to create a positive impact in the immigration industry. However, to mark a presence in an industry surrounded by big players was a tough row to hoe. But Omkar accepted the challenges along the way, chose to keep moving forward and savour the journey. And here he is, running Tristar Immigration, a highly acclaimed immigration consultancy listed among the 10 Best Consultancies in Bangalore in the immigration domain. The consultancy operates from the main headquarters, Bangalore and Tristar’s Branch in Mangalore & Germany.


Blessed with the virtues of perseverance and faith, Omkar Singh serves as the Sales Operation Manager of Tristar Immigration. Omkar has professional experience of more than 5 years in delivering immigration services for various countries predominantly including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Poland and the UK.

The only way to do great work is to passionately love what you do. Bearing testimony to this statement, Omkar Singh says, “I am passionate about my work, hence handling the Sales Team and ensuring we bring revenue to the company is never a pain!”


Tristar Immigration provides end-to-end consulting services for Visas. The top-notch services include:

  • PR Visas for Canada, U.K and Australia
  • Tourist Visas for USA and Europe 
  • Study Visas to help pursue higher education
  • Work Visas to help gain financial security
  • Family Visas to convert the dream of living with family into a reality
  • Temporary Visas for short term work 

“In today’s competitive world, the vital requirement for an individual is financial security, a successful career and better quality of life and all of this is fulfilled through Immigrating to 1st world countries like Canada & United Kingdom. Tristar Immigration has helped many individuals achieve this dream through its personalised Visa Services,” mentions Omkar with pride. 


Tristar Immigration serves clientele from diverse walks of life with various needs and niche requirements. Each employee is trained to handle each client differently, understanding their mindsets, and their pain points and treating them with utmost care. It is this personalised approach which creates a positive impact on the minds of every client, thereby building trust and leading to loyalty & goodwill for each other!

“Right since the company’s inception, we have treated all our clients with the utmost respect and delivered high-quality service which has always impacted them deeply; thereby leading to more referrals and connections. This has helped our business grow and shape Tristar Immigration into a trustworthy Immigration Consultancy,” explains Omkar while commenting on the Clientele of the company.”


The immigration market is highly competitive. The services that Tristar Immigration provides are no different than any competitor but here comes the difference – Customer Delight and Value Addition. 

“What makes us stand apart from our competitors is the value add and the Customer Delight factor which positions us as an organisation focusing on high standards of quality and most importantly a loyal Clientele,” asserts Omkar. 


The team of Tristar is equipped with extensive knowledge of the Immigration process to help individuals immigrate without any hassle.

Tristar Immigration believes in constant learning and enabling the holistic growth of each employee working in the organisation. Therefore, the company organises Skill Enhancement Workshops every month, and employee engagement activities on regular basis to ensure the workplace is wired with vigour and optimism.

Rewarding with awards and recognition also motivates the employees to work harder and think out of the box in Tristar. Over and above that, the company organises Mentoring programs for employees requiring improvement in the process. Apart from the timely distribution of remuneration, employees are gifted with surprise perks and exciting incentives for achieving sales targets. 


Tristar Immigration is on a mission to Enable the Positive Growth of its Customers, both Internal as well as External.

Tristar Immigration firmly believes that growth is constant for the Company, the Employees and the Clients, hence it is striving hard to ensure that it goes beyond the expectations and paves the way to success for everyone associated with Tristar Immigration through its value-added services and consulting programs.


Recognition is the greatest motivation. Tristar Immigration has been collecting enough motivation from time to time, since its inception. Here are a few of them:

  • Within a span of 3 years of establishment, Tristar Immigration received International recognition in the field of Immigration through the RCIC Certification.
  • It has also received the ISO 9001 Accreditation for process quality & client service.
  • After achieving noteworthy success in the main headquarters in Bangalore, new branches were opened locally and internationally in Mangalore (Karnataka) and Munich (Germany) in 2022. 

With a nearly 100% visa success rate, Tristar Immigration is emerging as a pioneer in providing immigration services. It is indeed a one-stop hassle-free solution for all immigration work. 

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