Startup of the year 2023 Swipelocal

Swipelocal: Bridging The Gap Between Work and Personal Life

“Swipelocal is committed to offering exclusive local offices to bring a harmonious balance between work and personal life.” Anand Pujari (Managing Director, Swipelocal)                     To build a successful career, people often embark on journeys to different cities or even foreign countries in pursuit of their professional aspirations. However, as time passes, priorities naturally evolve, with family […]

What Is the Effect of BMI on Term Insurance Plan Premiums

What Is the Effect of BMI on Term Insurance Plan Premiums?

Term insurance is a type of life insurance offering financial protection to your dear ones in case of an untimely death (policyholder). It is one of the most affordable and simple ways to secure your family’s future. However, did you know that your term insurance premium can vary depending on your body mass index (BMI)? […]


Cryosleep Can We Really Freeze Time and Live in the Future

Cryosleep: Can We Really Freeze Time and Live in the Future?

Can you call someone who is in another part of the world? The majority of answers will be in the affirmative. But what if this question was asked 500 years ago? Would your answer still be the same? Or would you think it’s impossible? Let’s take another example: What if someone 500 years ago asked […]

Teleperformance India, MV Prasanth

Unleashing the Digital Revolution: How Industries are Embracing Digital Transformation

MV Prasanth, Chief Operating Officer (IBU) at Teleperformance India, unpacks the ways in which businesses across every sector are on a road to accelerated digital transformation to drive growth in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape. The global economy is undergoing mass transformation after the multitude of life-altering events which have unfolded in recent times. Despite being […]


Nipah Virus Strikes Again in Kerala: Symptoms and Prevention

Nipah Virus Strikes Again in Kerala: Symptoms and Prevention

In the most recent news, the southern state of Kerala has reported two confirmed deaths due to the Nipah Virus. On Wednesday, the Kerala state government declared seven village panchayats in Kozhikode, Kerala, as containment zones in response to the outbreak. Additionally, the government announced a series of measures and restrictions aimed at curbing the […]

Reimagining Healthcare in India

Reimagining Healthcare in India: Trends and Tomorrow’s Possibilities

In the Union Budget 2023-24, the Health sector has been allocated Rs 89,155 crore, a hike of around 13 per cent over the budget allocated in 2022-23. Healthcare has become one of India’s prominent sectors, both in terms of employment and revenue. Healthcare in India is growing tremendously due to greater health awareness, rising income, […]


Sucharita Eashwar

Meet Sucharita Eashwar Who Is Enabling women to Start-up and Scale-up Businesses

“CWE is a complete ecosystem, a nurturing platform to enable women to start up their businesses and scale them successfully.” Sucharita Eashwar (Founder, Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurship (CWE) Time is changing. From running finance firms to logistics, construction and security companies, women are dabbing into fields that have always been bastions of male domination. However, […]