Can You Be The Next Changemaker

Can You Be The Next Changemaker?

Bill Drayton once said, “If everyone is a changemaker, there’s no way a problem can outrun a solution.” But who exactly is a changemaker? A changemaker is a person who always looks out to identify opportunities that will eventually contribute to the greater good. That one person also inspires others to support them in their […]

LinkedIn Is Now 1 Billion Strong

Why Linkedin Is The Perfect Choice For Your Business

Imagine a place where you can connect with professionals and potential clients, opening doors to valuable business opportunities. That’s LinkedIn for you! Choosing the right platform for marketing your business is as important as the marketing itself. The right platform allows you to connect with the right audience and save time and effort.  If you […]


Is Deepfake Technology Putting Your Privacy At Ris

Is Deepfake Technology Putting Your Privacy At Risk?

The rise of deepfakes is alarming. A lot of actresses like Rashmika Mandanna, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra and Kajol fell prey to deepfakes recently. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi hasn’t been spared, with a manipulated video of him doing Garba. The increase in deceptive content stems from the rapid evolution of deepfake technology, a form […]

Wearable Technology To Keep Your Health In Check In Office

Wearable Technology To Keep Your Health In Check In Office

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, with a constant stream of smart products entering the market. Now, everything has become smart smartphones and smartwatches to smart TVs. Amid this tech revolution, a new concept is gaining popularity– Wearable Technology. As the name suggests, these are technological devices designed to be worn on the body. […]


Supporting a Loved One Through Mental Health Treatment 7 Tips for Families

Supporting a Loved One Through Mental Health Treatment: 7 Tips for Families

Life can feel like a rollercoaster—there are ups, downs, twists, and turns. Sometimes, it even makes you want to scream or cry. It’s completely understandable! However, if feelings of isolation, anxiety, or sadness persist, it may indicate a mental health concern that requires medical attention and family support. As per a report by the World […]

Decoding Dietary Myths Is All Fat Really Bad for You

Decoding Dietary Myths: Is All Fat Really Bad for You?

Do you remember eating food topped with ghee in your childhood? In olden times, people consumed ghee as it helps in digestion. However, today, people consider it a fat-creating substance. It’s not the only myth that prevails. There are several examples related to myths about food and nutrition. Delve into exploring dietary myths as we […]


Startup of The Year Revaa

Feminine Care by Revaa: More Than Just Hygiene

“Our innovative, eco-conscious products resonate with an evolving consumer base increasingly concerned about environmental impact and health.” Mahipal Singh & Gagan Arora (Co-Founders, Revaa) The global feminine hygiene products market is expected to witness significant growth, with projections indicating that it will reach a valuation of USD 54.5 Billion by 2028, recording a CAGR of […]