Cyber Attacks: Bringing Businesses to its Knees

  “Cybercrime is the biggest threat to every company in the world. Security used to be a barrier, but now it’s a necessity of all time” The digital growth strategy that every organization is embarking on provides a great opportunity, however, the increased reliance on technology means that the type of harm that can be […]


What Leads To A Bitcoin Surge In The Pandemic?

Analyzing Covid And Its Impact On Cryptocurrency The Covid-19 pandemic has affected people in the most adverse ways, many Indians have lost their jobs and continue to look for a part-time source of income. Keeping this aside, there has also been an emergence of various new jobs, mainly all based in the technology sector like […]



Frontline Healthcare Workers: Coping With Emotional Trauma

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, universal & individual clocks have curved from their natural linearity. 2020 has been an unprecedentedly stressful year & with the new second wave already charging at us in 2021, we’re well aware of what to expect. While most of the countries are coping up at a snail pace, […]


5 Superfoods and Ayurvedic Herbs Boosting Immunity 

“Food is the only cure for complete healing and is effective with any medication”   From 6.1 billion to 7.9 billion, the world population has increased by 29.5% over the last 2 decades. With the rising numbers every year we are also observing a significant rise in the disease rate. With the outbreak, people are […]



 Healthcare policies, schemes, and support for Corona warriors around the Globe  

One of the crucial lessons taught by this pandemic worldwide is that the well-being of a nation exceedingly relies on the efficacy of its medical workforce. Today, health care workers around the globe are experiencing a whacking amount of pressure in treating and caring for covid-19 patients at the forefront. Studies conducted around the world […]



“The social, economic, and psychological impacts of the pandemic have been disproportionately appalling for the female HCWs who demand an immediate addressal of their issues”   Globally, women account for 70% of the healthcare workforce. With longer shifts at work, lack of protective equipment, untimely payment of salaries, and additional care demanded of them at […]