Privacy Policy

The site collects basic visitor data. This data helps us to stay in touch with our audience and understand their interests better. We respect the boundaries of our visitors and promise to keep their privacy safe and secure. All the information collected by our website is handled with the utmost care and safety. Our privacy policy will highlight the collection and storage of data by our website along with how this information is used by our platform.

Our “platform” refers to any domains, sub-domains, services, content, or features that are associated with “our website”. While describing the whole privacy policy we use terms such as “we”, “our” and “us” referring to The Global Hues whereas we use the term “you” for our user base.

In case of any queries, write to us at

The information technology act, 2000 that highlights information technology rules, implemented by the IT ministry of India in 2011 under the Ministry of communication, the ‘Press Note’ Technology is complied with by our website. In other words, we are making sure to inform our users about the data gathered about them.

We will explain everything in detail related to:

  • The data we gather from users and why;
  • How is that data utilized;
  • What are the ways to limit/ control the data available to us by updating your browser information

We make sure our users feel safe and protected while browsing our website. All the methods adopted by this platform are transparent, for collection, usage, storage, transferring, retaining, disposing, or disclosure of data to ensure fair handling of personal information at The Global Hues.

We provide services that might use any of your personal information which will be explained in this privacy policy.

We will update you on the details of how we intend to use the data collected through or collected by our website via other sources. We would strongly recommend you to read this privacy policy thoroughly before using  or before releasing any personal details to us. This policy will also cover the information provided by you directly to us in form of the Phone number, Email, name, or any other correspondence medium.

This policy is subject to change and updates in the future based on information collected and available resources. It is recommended to go through the privacy policy whenever you visit to remain updated on the use of personal information. Except for what is described in the privacy policy, we also ask users’ permission and consent before using any personal information.

The Data We Gather From Users

The data we collect is to optimize the content for the best user experience. We showcase content, services, and products from our data that appear to be the most relevant and most interesting service to you.

The information collected by us about you is from below mentioned sources:

  1. The information is given to us directly by you (via Subscription). Many services we provide may require you to make an account. The details entered by you such as phone number, email, name, address, any product opted along with the date of buying that product and price of the product will be recorded.
  2. All the details associated with the services that you use on our platform will be collected. In other words, this information is used for personalization of the advertisements and editorial content watched by you along with any products you purchase or which are associated with us or our linked third parties.

This further includes:

  • The device information is recorded by the website, such as the mobile phone model, hardware settings, browser used, the language used along with the date and time of your area, and the referral URL.
  • The user’s login information is automatically stored when they use that service. Some data is recorded automatically such as:
  1. Any search queries you have performed and the website data you have utilized.
  2. The IP address that is allotted to the device you use to operate our website, it can be a laptop, tablet, or phone. An IP address can also give in details about the geographic location of an individual.
  3. We use cookies to identify your browser uniquely to collect the required information and knowledge about how our users are interacting with the data we offer. It also helps us to identify any issues, errors, or problems going on with our website/certain pages of our website. A cookie can store small amounts of data, it is a small data file saved on the user’s It allows us to identify your browser, personalize content, and other personal information about you.
  • The location may be used when you visit our site. The IP address also tells about geographic location.
  • The local storage information might be collected and stored by using various web storage browsers, even when the browser is closed before reopening. The data caches of various applications also store data on your device, this is done to allow an application to load even without the internet.
  • When a user accesses our services, we use various technologies that might store data information for using a service. This may include browser and device identity, cookies, and other things. This is also used to provide better advertising services.

How The Collected Data Is Utilized

The collected data is used to provide users with meaningful, better, and relevant editorial as well as advertising content. It also helps us to show you products and services that are relevant to maintaining a user-friendly experience.

A person may choose to

  • Subscribe to our website for newsletters.
  • Receive any kind of “special offers” that are provided by The Global Hues or our associated service providers.
  • To partner with our advertisers or extend a hand for the franchise and other Business ventures, data is collected for this purpose by your consent.
  • Publishing comments or questions on our website in the editorial section or as service reviews.
  • Buying books and other related published work from our Website, the information submitted by the buyer is processed and stored as per our user agreement.

In all the above-mentioned situations the data that is stored and collected are personal details such as name, email address, zip code, telephone number, etc. which are willingly provided. In case of any purchases, we will record the history of the purchase such as receipt number, quantity and date of purchase, payment methods, shipping address, and so on.

Users are made aware that providing this information is consensual and it might be used by The Global Hues for various advertisements and intellectual reasons. Promotional messages related to business and other commercial purposes might be sent out. All these services can be stopped by the user by “unsubscribing” with our services. The option is available with every newsletter that is sent out to our subscribed users.

We might save your name in our database and remove any redundant appearances in the case of multiple profiles.

We keep all the submissions, chats, and queries databases maintained to solve any future problems and for legal reasons. We keep this record for not more than 6 years of time frame. With your consent, we might send you emails informing you about any latest updates, services or improvements, and changes.

Information Saved By The Cookies

Our website uses cookies to store small information to improve user experience and quality. However, users have an option available in the browser to reject all cookies. Their permission might be asked whenever a cookie is taking their data. This is important to inform you, that if you reject the cookies, you might not be able to access some features on our website. A technology known as a pixel tag is an important feature of a website that works with cookies and tracks activities on websites and emails. There’s a feature known as “DNT” that helps in stopping the tracking of data by third-party apps. However, we are not a third-party app and we don’t respond to the “DNT” feature.


An advertisement That We Show:

With the help of advertising, we can show you offers and various products absolutely free of charge. We work hard to make this experience relevant, safe, and intrusion-free for you.

Cookies play an important part in advertising services as well. They help in identifying user interests and needs and help us in showing the relevant advertisement. Cookies are also an important feature that helps us remove fraud clicks and detect and avoid multiple screening of the same advertisement. Our advertising is via Google AdSense, Google Analytics, and other similar services (“Google® Services”) that maintain and improve our advertising experience for users by showing advertisers near your location, as per your convenience and interest. On visiting the location of any of the advertising services, many cookies are collected via the browser.

Other technologies are used for interactive advertisement such as IP address may be tracked as well to find out a relevant advertisement in your area and improve the viewing experience. The geographical location may be reported back to the advertisers.

The advertising is planned in a user-friendly manner and it utilizes various features such as (a) IP address to track the user’s location and show relevant results (b)it reflects more results that are similar to your latest search for example if you are searching for food, it might show you restaurants in ads.

To know more details about the privacy policy related to advertising and information gathered by the website for ads, users can visit the Network Advertising Initiative website at

NAI is a responsible committee for managing advertisement practices online and consumer protection.


Privacy and Choice

The concern over privacy is well addressed by our website. We maintain proper transparency between our users, informing them about the data that we collect. We also mention the ways via which they can restrict the data collection such as “options” available in the user’s browser. There are also preferences to accept the cookies or reject them entirely.

However, we focus on the fact that some services might not function properly on our website if cookies are rejected.

For Children, Minor and Underage People

We don’t intentionally record the data information for underage people. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to subscribe or register with our services. In case we realize any such information to be collected for, under the age of 16, we delete that information immediately from our database. In case of any issues regarding this contact us at


Information That We Store

The data collection works in a way that your information might be shifted and deposited at some other destination overseas. The members engaged in this are responsible for your order fulfillment, payment detail processing, and delivery support services. You agree to the storage, processing, and relocation of your data, upon submission of this information.

The Information You Share

Visitors are allowed to share information on the social media and editorial content comments section, as per our service policy. Through the search engine mechanism, if you share your data it may be accessible to other people. We are not responsible for the information you share with those people and how they might use it.


Updating User’s Personal Data

As per our policy, our users can access their personal details such as name, address, purchases, email address, etc. to identify the user. In case any of the saved data is incorrect, there are options available to change the information quickly. An individual can also delete personal information, except in specific cases, the information might be retained for legal reasons or business purposes, where this data will be retained for the time period as specified in our policy.

The personal details of a person may be verified first before accepting their subscription.

Under all the applicable laws, we might reject applications that are unnecessarily impractical or repetitive in their demands.

We are actively working towards the correction of any errors or updates that are required in our services. We work hard to protect our website from any accidental harm. Therefore, after deleting all your information from our service, we might maintain the backup copies in our database system.


The Information We Share

No personal information is shared with any other contractors or organizations outside of The Global Hues, except in the following situations:

  1. If we have a user’s consent to share the data with an organization.
  2.  In case of a merger, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution, or selling off to a new corporate, some to all data might be transferred to the new owner, it might happen due to bankruptcy, liquidation of assets, or any other reason.
  3. There might be a sharing of your personal data with our partners that includes advertisement agencies, content providers, third-party connected sites. The data is released only in an encrypted manner, that doesn’t reveal the personal identity of a person. It is usually based on categories such as age, gender, area (geographic), and characteristics of the geographical area.
  4. We might share the information outside of The Global Hues when we have good faith in an organization and the sharing of that data is important to:-Be implemented in the eyes of law, legal regulations, or government requests.
    -Reinforce our terms and conditions that are applicable and include any sort of personal violation.
    -Ensure any fraud, security issues, or technical issues.
    -Safeguard against any kind of violation of rights, safety, or property-related service or the general public and corporate review as per the requirement by the law.


The Protection of Your Information

We maintain all the necessary steps to protect the user’s data that is collected by our website when you utilize our services and products. We protect your personal data from any unauthorized access, destruction, any kind of data alterations, or disclosure.

  1. All the user data is encrypted.
  2. We keep modifying and reviewing our policies of data collection, storage, and processing. This includes all the necessary measures physical as well as virtual to guard the personal data from any unauthorized access via which information can be accessed.
  3. We limit the user’s data disclosure to only those necessary. Not all our employees, contractors, and agents are given access to user information. The data is subject to strict confidentiality and it is handled with discipline. Anyone who tries to violate this obligation is terminated.


Managing complaints from users and regulatory authority

We follow all the authority guidelines and work in the appropriate behavior expected by all the industries under best practices, applicable laws, and regulations. If we receive any complaint in a formal written format, we act upon it immediately. We follow up on the complaint. Any complaints related to your right to claim for your local data protection supervisory authority are taken into consideration. We follow all the appropriate rules of regulation, data protection, complaint resolution. In case of complaints regarding personal data transfer, we are not in direct service of resolving the issue. 

Updates and improvements in Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is subject to change with time. The privacy policy displayed on our website will be the current version at all times. A prior notice of 30 days would be issued before changing the privacy policy.

Contacting Us

We are open to all the questions, suggestions, and concerns. Write to us at

Our privacy policy is restricted to services provided only on our website. It doesn’t extend to the following:

  • Any services that are provided by other companies, websites, or applications including other individuals or any other websites other than The Global Hues. All the other applications that might be used for reference or linked to our services are not our responsibility.
  • The practices that are followed by separate companies, individuals, or organizations, advertising our services on their platform or our products as their services, they may use your cookies and other relevant information separately as per their privacy policy.