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Before we get into how to actually manage a brand’s reputation, it would be a good idea to define what Reputation Management actually is. So basically, this is a period where the experience you deliver to your customers is becoming more important than the price you offer, the question that arises here is how to […]

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Thinks that make your LinkedIn account standout

Things that make your LinkedIn account stand out

  It doesn’t matter what stage of the job-search process you’re in, you’ll always need a LinkedIn profile that stands out.With more than 600 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is easily the wide professional network. If you’re serious about your career and professional enhancement, you need a LinkedIn profile that’s optimized and up to date. Your […]

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ICAS Assessment

Benefits of ICAS Assessment Tools for Preparations

As an educator, you are constantly on a mission to prepare your students for excellence and success in their life, and there is no room for mistakes. To ensure that they are thoroughly prepared and skilled, ICAS assessments can help you. The ICAS assessment is designed to test students on core skills like reading, writing, […]

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Children’s Online Safety & Cybersecurity: A Modern Necessity

“One of the most important accomplishments of parents, teachers, and caregivers is raising awareness with seriousness and sensitivity on the issues of child safety and internet safety because filtering websites will protect a child for a day but educating them about online safety in the real world environment will protect a child for a lifetime” […]

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On the other side of Education Technology

Online education has benefited the community in many ways, however, the disadvantages following e-learning can’t be ignored.    The schools were shut down as a downside of the pandemic spreading like wildfire. Education found a way via digital mediums to reach the students and avoid any case of halt in imparting necessary learnings. However, India […]

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The Ed-Tech Evolution: New Way to Live…

Indian Ed-tech sector has achieved global recognition in the past 5-7 years in various categories like start-ups, funding, expansions, and much more.   It seems like yesterday when possibilities of integrating technology with education seemed none, and rather uncomfortable. Now we stand at a peak where imagining education without any ounce of technology seems next […]

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New Education Policy Simplified

On July 29, 2020, the New Education Policy was launched by the Union cabinet aiming to improvise India’s education system.    The NEP 2020 is launched to make “India a global knowledge superpower”. ICT-equipped adult education courses to be allowed in school complexes beyond school hours and public libraries. Vocational education in school to get […]

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Innovations in Live Learning: Rise of New Ed-Tech

The outlook of education is transformed with massive developments in technology. Now the demand for quality education is higher than ever before.   Education Technology, as the name suggests, is a huge influx of innovations to streamline the education system. The education system is adopting learners’ needs. The model of imparting knowledge is progressively blending […]

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