Housekeeping Businesses: Extending a Hand Towards Hygiene

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, the demand for cleaning services is on the rise as thousands of restaurant and retail operators seek to disinfect their places and hope to put customer fears at ease. People have also become concerned to keep their homes clean and disinfected, but not many people want to do this […]

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Handiman Services


Providing “Complete Facility Solution” by being not just a better service provider, but by being a “CareTaker” In the light of the current global pandemic, people have become extra conscious about hygiene from washing hands multiple times a day to sanitizing homes. And keeping up with this trend, to have an extra clean house, more […]

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What’s your Chase- Helping Millennials in Professional Development 

Ankit Misra- The CEO of Chase shared the idea and features of their unique platform with The Global Hues Chase is helping the 400M+ millennial generation pursue their interests and passions like Photography, Content Writing, Social Media, Design, Fashion, and many more. This is enabled through short video content, interactive courses, and a powerful community […]

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  Financial Technology: The future has arrived

Financial technology, popularly branded as fintech, is an economic industry comprising companies that use technical know-how to make financial services more competent. Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘fintech’ as Computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services. Fundamentally, fintech is used to assist companies, business owners and consumers better […]

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Cyber Security for banking and finance

The most crucial, valuable, and sensitive data is stored in the financial sector. Any data breach can severely impact Personally Identifiable Information (PII).   A data breach is a prominent concern. The banking sector is facing physical, and now cyberattacks, severely impacting the reputation, trust, and brand image. Increased cases of hacking are bringing attention […]

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barin mukherjee

Digital Refresh Networks: Offering end-to-end digitally-driven solutions

Barin Mukherjee the Co-founder and CEO of Digital Refresh Networks shared his journey with The Global Hues.   Digital Refresh Networks started as a team of two between Ravi Dubey and Barin Mukherjee. “It has been quite an exciting journey since the inception of Digital Refresh Networks,” said Barin. Soon, the company reached a count […]

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Ditigal Payments

Digital payments: The unsung hero

The nature of money is to evolve with time. Digitization of Currency is a landscape of constant development in payments.    Over the past few years, the money has fast-tracked into digital transactions with various cutting-edge technological approaches.  The digital currency took the wind and became one of the preferred methods of transactions since the […]

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Quale Infotech: Intelligent Automation platform Digitizing BFSI

Siddhartha Singh the CEO of Quale Infotech talked about his company’s contribution to the BFSI sector with The Global Hues. Quale Infotech is a leading end-to-end IT consulting and implementation company with a laser focus on RPA & AI with technological know-how, industry insights, experience, and proprietary methodologies on knowledge management. The company ensures business […]

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