Creative Ideas To Enhance The Gift Giving Tradition Of Christmas

People wait for Christmas all year because they know it’s time to have fun and strengthen relationships with their loved ones. Gift-giving is a tradition on Christmas that makes this auspicious occasion extra special.  It is mainly enjoyed by children, but people of all ages are involved in the gift-giving tradition on Christmas. There are […]

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Ganesh Chaturthi DIY Eco-friendly Ganpati Idol Ideas

Ganesh Chaturthi: DIY Eco-friendly Ganpati Idol Ideas

The festival time is beginning in India and people are starting to clean their houses and buy materials to decorate them. One important festival that is celebrated with great pomp and show is Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayak Chaturthi. It is a Hindu festival celebrating the birth of the Hindu God Ganesh. People all […]

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Building a New Life in Europe A Practical Guide for the Indian Expat

Building a New Life in Europe: A Practical Guide for the Indian Expat

Europe, a tapestry of ancient history and modern innovation, beckons to individuals around the globe seeking new experiences, careers, and lives. For the Indian expat, this isn’t just about packing bags and booking flights; it’s a leap into a cultural mosaic, promising growth and the allure of the unknown. Relocation Essentials Embarking on an expat […]

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VISIONS, Best Interior Designers in India

The Legacy of Quality at VISIONS: Payal Kapoor’s Interior Design Wisdom

“Any project that I start, is first thoroughly conceptualised on a board.” Payal Kapoor (Director, VISIONS)  “I always prefer quality over quantity,” says Payal Kapoor, a stalwart in the interior design industry with more than three decades of experience. Picture entering the corporate arena at a time when women were pushed back by society in […]

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World Diabetes Day How To Manage And Prevent Diabetes

World Diabetes Day | How To Manage And Prevent Diabetes

November marks a significant day in the global health calendar- World Diabetes Day. On this day, the entire world unites to raise awareness about diabetes, a condition that affects an estimated 77 million adults above the age of 18. As per different sources, 25 million individuals are at risk of developing diabetes. This article explores […]

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Nestopia Interiors, Best Interior Designers in India

Nestopia Interiors: Offering A Boutique Experience In A Crowded Market Of Cookie Cutter Solutions

“Apart from world-class boutique designs, Trust & Transparency are the twin hallmarks of Nestopia Interiors.”  Ritesh Raushan (Founder, Nestopia Interiors) In a crowded market with many firms following cookie-cutter solutions, Ritesh Raushan’s Nestopia Interiors stands different as he allocates a dedicated designer to each project who drives the entire project from design to delivery.  Nestopia […]

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HIMA, Best Interior Designers in India

HIMA: Transforming Spaces with Style and Substance

“Any project handled by HIMA is not only measured by the end results but by the relationship created along the way.” Manjunath Nayak (Proprietor, HIMA) Creativity has no end in interior design for Manjunath Nayak, which he describes as “a  process to generate new ideas or possibilities to make artistic innovations.” This creative spirit shines […]

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Home Office Productivity Tips

Home Office Productivity Tips: Maximize Your Efficiency

This is the age of remote work where your home office is no longer just a place to clock in; it’s your sanctuary for creativity and productivity. But, is your workspace a cluttered maze that makes you procrastinate more than you’d like to admit? Don’t worry! Let’s take you through some sensational tips to transform […]

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