Must- Try 5 Yoga Asanas For Increased Productivity 

Curing Work From Home Woes! Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, most of us are working at home which requires a lot of dedication and commitment. Below are 5 yoga asanas to cultivate focus and boost productivity.  Try incorporating the following basic asanas in your daily routine for your mental, and physical well-being as well […]

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Top Five Luxury Watch Brands That You Should Own

Even after operating in a sphere embraced by old-school values of loyalty, luxury, and craftsmanship, the watch industry will, like many others, emerge from the pandemic both largely the same in appearance yet fundamentally changed. 2020 has perhaps more than any other year, displayed the power of branding and consumer loyalty in watchmaking, with the […]

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Amazing facts about countries you wouldn’t believe to be true

  The world is full of miracles but what amazes us more are the special facts that belong to different countries around the world. You wouldn’t believe some of them to be true, they will leave you in surprise. Let’s unfold some of these facts:   Sweden imports garbage from other countries. Late in 2016, […]

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Frontline Healthcare Workers: Coping With Emotional Trauma

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, universal & individual clocks have curved from their natural linearity. 2020 has been an unprecedentedly stressful year & with the new second wave already charging at us in 2021, we’re well aware of what to expect. While most of the countries are coping up at a snail pace, […]

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5 Superfoods and Ayurvedic Herbs Boosting Immunity 

“Food is the only cure for complete healing and is effective with any medication”   From 6.1 billion to 7.9 billion, the world population has increased by 29.5% over the last 2 decades. With the rising numbers every year we are also observing a significant rise in the disease rate. With the outbreak, people are […]

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Airbag Jeans to make motorcycle riding safer

Today we bring you an interesting development going on in roadways safety. Everyone knows that airbags have been made mandatory in cars. However, the nature of roadways still required more precautionary measures for motorcycle riders. Did you know, Motorcycle riders are 28 times more prone to accidents than car drivers? The whole experience of riding […]

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On the other side of Education Technology

Online education has benefited the community in many ways, however, the disadvantages following e-learning can’t be ignored.    The schools were shut down as a downside of the pandemic spreading like wildfire. Education found a way via digital mediums to reach the students and avoid any case of halt in imparting necessary learnings. However, India […]

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Tips and tricks to deal with acne prone skin


We all can agree that the teenage years are not easy, but dealing with acne should be the least of your worries because we got you ­­­covered. Though, teenagers eagerly wait to hit puberty as that’s the time when they most likely to “glow up” yet these years can be hard, and self-doubting for the […]

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