Consultant of the Year

Consultant Of The Year 2023

Whether startups or already-established ones, businesses need a consultation expert now and then. Managing a business needs navigation and advice from a professional with expertise in that area and that’s when Consultants come into play. Be it a small business, mid-sized or large firm, no business can deny the importance of expert consulting in the […]

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Salot & Shah Associates- Consultant of The Year

Salot & Shah Associates: Pushing Boundaries in Techno-Legal Consulting

“We stand tall with over 150+ clients spanning across 10+ Countries, providing high-end Techno-Legal and Legal-Commercial Advisory Services.” Adv. Bhaumik Shah (Co-Founder, Salot & Shah Associates) With rapid advancements in technology, Techno-Legal Consulting has gained prominence, specifically in industries like information technology, construction and engineering. Businesses are now understanding the significance of complying with legal […]

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IIT Kharagpur launches Kharagpur Data Science Hackathon ’24

IIT Kharagpur launches Kharagpur Data Science Hackathon ’24 in association with Zelta Labs

Kharagpur Data Analytics Group is a student-led research group at IIT Kharagpur. It aims at bringing Data Analytics and Machine Learning enthusiasts together under the umbrella of a single society. It organizes various activities such as Research Paper Reading sessions, Data Science and ML workshops, Hackathons and publishing blogs in the field of Data Science, […]

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Legal Trends Immigration- Consultant of The Year

Legal Trends Immigration: Guiding Immigration with Integrity

“Ethics coupled with competency give us an edge over the competition.” Varalika Sharma (Founder, Legal Trends Immigration) With the primary goal of addressing clients’ immigration concerns, Varalika Sharma established Legal Trends Immigration in 2022. As an experienced lawyer, Varalika leads the firm, serving as the initial point of contact for all clients. Her expertise lies […]

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Asaya Legal- Consultant of The Year

Asaya Legal: Pioneering Legal Solutions in a Dynamic Market

“We combine innovative thinking and legal technology to deliver solutions that set precedents in today’s complex market paradigm.” Anchit Sripat, Gunjan Tejwani & Ajeyo Sharma (Partners, Asaya Legal) Everyone aims to stay on the right side of the law. However, the laws and regulations affecting a business are as changeable as weather. That’s where businesses […]

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WhiteSpace Consulting & Capability Building- Consultant of The Year

WhiteSpace Consulting & Capability Building: Creating Tangible Impact in Healthcare Consultancy

“What sets us apart is that we are perhaps the only consulting firm with proven cases of helping clients in creating tangible impacts in their businesses.” Dr Vikram A Munshi (Founder & CEO, WhiteSpace Consulting & Capability Building) “We are on a mission to help ambitious healthcare companies in their transformation journey by building a […]

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MSA Consultancy Services- Consultant of The Year

MSA Consultancy Services: Empowering Global Talent Across Industries

“We are backed by 33 years of rich experience in  Recruitment, Staffing and Executive Search which makes MSACS a preferred partner for many clients globally.” Gaurav Arora (CEO, MSA Consultancy Services) Executive Search and Recruitment serve as the cornerstone of a business’s growth and development. People are the lifeblood of any business. Losing out on […]

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Breast Prosthesis by Saaisha India Are Uplifting Many Cancer Patients

Breast Prosthesis by Saaisha India Are Uplifting Many Cancer Patients

How does a woman feel after a mastectomy? Apart from the physical pain that goes on during and after the process, the emotional pain of losing breasts can leave a woman shattered. Some women say that they feel less feminine and attractive, followed by the loss of a positive self-image. While there are synthetic prostheses […]

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GetGIS- Consultant of The Year

GetGIS: Ensuring A Hassle-Free Immigration Journey

“We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in today’s job market and are dedicated to facilitating a smooth and succmaessful transition.” Divyansh Chaudhari (COO, GetGIS) Throughout history, people have moved around for various reasons—to find work, settle with family or study. In this era of global mobility, GetGIS stands as a one-stop shop for all […]

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SPBC Group- Consultant of The Year

SPBC Group: Fostering A Legacy of Excellence in HR and Recruitment Consulting

“At Synergy Plus Business Consulting Group, our mission is to build collaborative partners across Pan India.” M D Vanjani (Founder & CEO, SPBC Group) “After dedicating a lifetime to serving top corporations, life gives you two options– retirement or a fresh start. For me, it meant stepping into the entrepreneurial world with an intent to […]

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