Building Opportunity In The Midst Of Crisis: Indian Startups Making Millions In The Pandemic

Corona Virus is not only the killer of several innocent lives it has also victimized many businesses. Long-standing businesses in glass corridors to tiny corner retailers behind glass mirrors have shut their doors due to the wake of the pandemic. The year 2020 came out to be a disturbing time to be associated with any […]

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Mission Milk


In an interview with The Global Hues, three cousins from Bengaluru – Zeeshan Javid, Zufishan Pasha, and Shehzar Sheriff shared their incredible journey of ensuring milk supply to impoverished kids in their city since the onset of the first lockdown in April 2020. In what would arguably be the largest mass exodus in the history […]

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In an interview with The Global Hues, a 31-year-old humanitarian from Mumbai, Chinu Kwatra talked about his journey of starting a non-profit organization that helped thousands of people across the nation during the first and second wave of the pandemic. His indomitable spirit and the hard work of his team made it possible to serve […]

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Khaana Chahiye

Khaana Chahiye: Battling Hunger along with Covid-19 

“Seven working professionals in Mumbai came together to kick off a citizen-led initiative to quell hunger among the most vulnerable and hard-hit segments of the society” Khaana Chahiye has handed out 47 lakh meals, 20,000 ration kits, and extended help to around 5 lakh migrant workers stranded in the lockdown. Khana Chahiye, a ground-up citizen […]

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Hitesh Gungan

Hitesh Gungan: An entrepreneur delivering happiness during times of crisis

Hitesh Gungan, a 32-year-old entrepreneur from Indore, turned into a real-life superhero for the distressed and helpless families of Indore as the country went under an impulsive lockdown on 24th March. A panic button was triggered across the nation as every state, every district and every village went under a complete lockdown for the next […]

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Dr. Harmandeep Boparai

Indian-American Dr. Harmandeep Boparai Returns To Amritsar To help India’s battle against COVID-19

Dr. Harmandeep Boparai, 34, who was working as a healthcare worker in New York, the United States is currently treating patients in his hometown, Amritsar. In an interview with The Global Hues, he talked about his journey from treating patients in the USA to helping his nation in heart-wrenching times. He was on the frontline […]

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