Arun Antony, Inspiring Leaders

Arun Antony: The Startup Growth Strategist

“YE Stack helps build scalable startups with exceptional founders.” Arun Antony (Founder, YE Stack) The entrepreneurial spirit in India has soared in recent times, propelled by cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Amid this transformative wave stands Arun Antony, the visionary Founder of YE Stack – a go-to place for entrepreneurs not only to […]

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Premnath Parayath & Kiran James, Inspiring Leaders

Premnath Parayath & Kiran James: The Tech-Forward Sustainability Leaders

“We have secured contracts with over 20 corporate clients pan India, created distribution channels across India and a network with over sixty vendors in just one year.” Premnath Parayath & Kiran James (Co-Founders & Directors, Qwatt Technologies) What if the future of signage wasn’t just about visibility but about a whole new era of innovation? […]

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Krishna G & Prashanth G, Inspiring Leaders

Krishna G & Prashanth G: The Sales Transformation Pioneers

“At GrowthAspire, we’re not just shaping careers; we’re shaping futures.” Krishna G (CEO, Sales Trainer & Coach) Prashanth G (Co-Founder, Influence & Business Acceleration Coach) GrowthAspire Becoming adept at sales and selling is the key to enhancing a business’s success. Every interaction, every pitch, and every negotiation have the potential to shape the business’s future. […]

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Alefiya Singh, Inspiring Leaders

Alefiya Singh: The Travelpreneur Extraordinaire

“We’re not just a travel consultancy; we’re storytellers of unique and sustainable adventures.” Alefiya Singh (Founder & Director, IRIS Reps) Travelling opens up a world of its own, where experiences shape memories and destinations leave lasting impressions. With a mission to redefine travel with a diverse portfolio of sustainable and unique experiences, Alefiya Singh takes […]

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become_legal_guardians_of_global_trade: online_training_in_international_business_law

Become Legal Guardians of Global Trade: Online Training in International Business Law

Being an international trader can put you on the map and make you stand out. Take for example the economy of China. The country has become such a hotspot for international trade that nearly 142 companies among the top 500 global companies are located and headquartered in China. International Trade is also the reason for […]

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Don't Miss Out on Pearl '24 by BITS Pilani Hyderabad

Don’t Miss Out on Pearl ’24 by BITS Pilani Hyderabad

Pearl is the annual national cultural fest of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. Incepted in 2009 as an intra-college festival, a year after the foundation of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad, the fest grew into a national-level college cultural fest with participation from more than 50 colleges across India. Pearl ’24, starting from the 28th of March to […]

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Nutan Rai, Inspiring Leaders

Nutan Rai: The Maestro of Engineering Solutions

“What started as a company with just four engineers, has since burgeoned into a powerhouse, equipped with 200+ engineering talents.” Nutan Rai (Managing Director, CIZMAK) “Attached to the ground and aiming for the sky” is the guiding principle that Nutan Rai, the brain behind a renowned engineering firm, follows wholeheartedly. Nutan’s journey from serving different […]

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Mohd Shakir Anwar Inspiring Leaders

Mohd Shakir Anwar: The Transformative Leader

“Growth Wings is here to transform businesses into impactful brands.” Mohd Shakir Anwar (Founder & CEO, Growth Wings Marketing & Logistics Pvt Ltd) Competition reigns supreme in today’s world where businesses struggle to stay ahead of the curve. Amidst this dynamic environment, the concept of growth is not just a goal but a necessity for […]

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Anil Hinge, Inspiring Leaders

Anil Hinge: The Strategic Genius in Design Engineering

“We have delivered more than 90 landmark projects with efficiency and dedication. We are now focusing on major forthcoming infrastructural projects in India.” Anil Hinge (MD, RASS Project Consultants)  What sets a leader apart in the domain of design and project management? “It’s not just about technical expertise or managerial acumen, but the ability to […]

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Akshay Chopra & Sourabh Arora, Inspiring Leaders

Akshay Chopra & Sourabh Arora: The Leaders Behind Wellness Revolution

“We simplify your ayurvedic journey by making health choices easier, healthier, and fulfilling.”  Akshay Chopra & Sourabh Arora (Directors & Co-Founders, Mango Herbs) The global Ayurveda market is on an upward trajectory and is estimated to grow by USD 7.19 Billion by 2028. This tremendous expansion indicates a significant paradigm shift in consumer preferences, as […]

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