Types of Insider Threats in Cyber Security and Mitigation

Whether acting out of negligence or malice, insider threats are a significant cyber security risk for most organizations. The cost of an insider-originated incident can be twice that of an average breach, so it’s important to identify the different insider threats and prevent them from happening. While the dangers posed by insider threats have become […]

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Sunny Vaghela (Founder & CEO, Techdefence Labs)

Sunny Vaghela – Reaching the pinnacles of success in the field of Cyber Security

The Global Hues received the opportunity to interview Mr. Sunny Vaghela (Founder and CEO, Techdefence Labs) and also the Indian Ambassador of Cyber Security. Having received the honorary title of Times Man of the Year- Cyber Security, he is one of the most prominent players in the domain. Dabbling within the IT and Technology domain […]

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CyRAACS Cybersecurity

CyRAACS: Emphasizing Cybersecurity by Offering World-class Consulting Services

Suresh Iyer & Murari Shanker- The Co-founders of CyRAACS (acronym for Cyber Risk Advisory and Consulting Services) shared their company’s growth and success story with The Global Hues. A CERT-In empanelled company with expertise in cybersecurity, data privacy, and risk management. The company began its journey in 2017 when the cybersecurity consulting space only had […]

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