Building Opportunity In The Midst Of Crisis: Indian Startups Making Millions In The Pandemic

Corona Virus is not only the killer of several innocent lives it has also victimized many businesses. Long-standing businesses in glass corridors to tiny corner retailers behind glass mirrors have shut their doors due to the wake of the pandemic. The year 2020 came out to be a disturbing time to be associated with any […]

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Housekeeping Businesses: Extending a Hand Towards Hygiene

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, the demand for cleaning services is on the rise as thousands of restaurant and retail operators seek to disinfect their places and hope to put customer fears at ease. People have also become concerned to keep their homes clean and disinfected, but not many people want to do this […]

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blooming businesses during pandemic

Do you know about the Businesses that bloom during the Pandemic?

The covid-19 outbreak has validated that the pandemic and other rarely occurring catastrophes similar to it, can be extremely real and impact businesses. Learning from the past, we can say that it can happen in the future too.  However, we may not have the ability to prevent these viruses from emerging but we can prepare […]

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