She Glorifying Businesses - Ghazal Alagh

Ghazal Alagh: The Mompreneur In The SkinCare And Beauty Industry

“With our D2C platform, we are directly connected with a large set of consumers who keep us posted on their changing demands.” Ghazal Alagh (Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Mamaearth) With an intent to make early parenting stress free and change the skincare & beauty landscape of India in this digital era, a corporate trainer […]

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GHAZAL ALAGH Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Mamaearth

Ghazal Alagh: The Woman Behind India’s Fastest-Growing Personal Care Brand 

“I feel fortunate to be able to build a community of consumers who believe in our purpose and invest in our products to support our cause.” Ghazal Alagh (Co-Founder &Chief Innovation Officer, Mamaearth) Driven by passion and enthusiasm for making early parenting trouble-free, A Corporate Trainer turned Artist, Ghazal Alagh Co-Founded a purpose-led brand Mamaearth […]

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International Women's Day


Rarely does it show on the outside, but everyone struggles to establish themselves as strong leaders in the corporate world. In the past years, women’s growth in businesses has been exponentially high. They are determined, strong, & dynamic in their approach. They are leading the front, finding their own path, and writing their great success […]

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Mamaearth- Natural Hair & Skin Care Brand : Is it Organic?

Are you also concerned about your child’s safety? When a parent searches for safe baby products in the market, it sure gets tiring to find the right product. There is constant unavailability of natural products that don’t harm a child. The international brands are costly and unaffordable. The domestic products don’t stand up to the […]

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