Chaitra Navratri 2024 Date, History, & Significance

Chaitra Navratri 2024: Date, History & Significance

Discover What are the four different types of Navratri that happen throughout the year? What are the legends and historical significance associated with Chaitra Navratri? The different dos and dont’s during Navratri The Hindu lunar month of Chaitra holds special significance among Hindus as the Chaitra Navratri falls in this month. In 2024, Chaitra Navratri […]

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Navratri Festival Date, Significance and Celebration

Navratri 2023: Date, Significance and Celebration

Navratri which translates to ‘nine nights’ is more than just a festival for Hindus. During Navratri, people celebrate the nine forms of the Goddess Durga, with unique regional variations across the country. People believe that during the Navratri festival, Goddess Durga defeated the demon Mahishasura, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. People celebrate this […]

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