Kartik Kala (Business Head, Topline)


“For Topline, success has always meant collective good. It is the sweet spot where everyone is growing together and the brands and the clients value you for the work.”  – Kartik Kala (Business Head, Topline)   The Global Hues got the opportunity to interview Mr. Kartik Kala, the Business Head of Topline consulting group who […]

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Satya Nadella biography microsoft

Who is Satya Nadella? Biography of Nadella

Everyone has heard about Microsoft Corp. but very few people know about Satya Nadella- the man behind Microsoft. It was founded by Bill Gates who was also the Co-Founder and CEO of Microsoft for a long time. Currently, Satya Narayana Nadella is the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. Under his lead, Microsoft has seen tremendous […]

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A Millionaire In 5 Years

How to become a “Millionaire in 5 Years”? 10 steps to follow

Definition of a Millionaire A millionaire is a person who is successful at making his net worth as close to one million units in total. Being a millionaire comes with a greater responsibility in terms of prestige that comes with it. When you become a millionaire, people start to look up to you and try […]

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