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“For Topline, success has always meant collective good. It is the sweet spot where everyone is growing together and the brands and the clients value you for the work.”  – Kartik Kala (Business Head, Topline)


The Global Hues got the opportunity to interview Mr. Kartik Kala, the Business Head of Topline consulting group who talked about the company’s journey and growth. 

Topline Consulting Group is the avant-garde marketing leader that empowers the brands to win the right customer through strategic and smart communication. With having achieved global expertise, Topline is bringing a paradigm shift in brand communications, product marketing, and service experience.

Topline aims to, in today’s ever fiercely driven competitive environment, enable their customers to scale up, not incrementally but exponentially by maximizing their business goals in the marketplace in India and helping the brands achieve them. Backed with a strong and versatile pool of talent, Topline is most careful about one thing – delivering value.



Topline Consulting Group is a youthful organization, fuelled by some energetic, creative, and constantly evolving group of people, delivering New Age Marketing Solutions. Kartik stated that they are driven to evolve the ‘New’ in the world of marketing with innovative ideas and smart executions. They enable brands to win the right customer through strategic communication. With global expertise, they are bringing a paradigm shift in brand communications and marketing. Kartik also emphasized on the unique approach of the company, they are a team of young people who are the digital natives developing new solutions. The company is unique because they are not just marketers but also, creators and consumers as well. They originate from global roots which allow to plug in expertise from the world and adapting to Indian culture. 



Topline helps companies in discovering and realizing sustainable business values and provides top-notch marketing services like:

  • Strategic PR: Includes marketing strategy development, agenda and conceptualization, and traditional and digital PR.
  • Integrated Product Marketing: Includes digital marketing, brand community building, word-of-mouth management, TV/Print/Digital campaigns, and brand integrations.
  • Social Media Marketing: Includes target group analysis, amplification of campaigns, influencer marketing, and planning, and execution.
  • CSR and Social innovation: Includes the creation of social campaigns, aligning the brand with cultural innovation, and impact creation and execution.



Topline has worked with many well-known companies that include: TECNO, OPPO, Bikes24, Cars24, Amway, Ustraa, V Mate, Vista Room, Fastrack, Miniso, Tantan, TikTok Ads, and Symphony. Kartik mentioned that they believe in making long-term relations and making sure that they treat their clients as partners.  



Digital marketing has allowed Topline’s strategies to be very objective-oriented and focused. This new-age marketing has birthed New Formats allowing creative agencies like theirs to explore with new experiments. These digitally-driven experiments have been very beneficial for them as an organization and for their clients. 



Kartik mentioned some of the company’s significant marketing campaigns like TECNO Rakshaks, AR/VR Filter, Diwali Filter, Virtual Tour, Omni Channel. 

Out of all these campaigns, TECNO Rakshaks is the most fascinating one wherein they developed an engaging game with India-specific UI design and promoted the game & the campaign through digital marketing & influencers across different platforms. The objective of this campaign was to engage the audiences during the coronavirus pandemic and highlight the monetary contribution made by TECNO in India. 



When asked about how Kartik chose this field of work, he explained that he has always been driven by creating and communicating value. 

“For other people, this work is either traditional or new age but for us, it is natural. This is where the audience is.”  -Kartik Kala

With a knack for Creative Problem Solving, he involuntarily deep-dived into marketing and after completing his MBA from MICA, Topline Consulting Group led him to become a part of this digital change in the industry. 

Kartik also stated that in the next 5 years, the company wants to become an industry leader which is creative, innovative, and generates value. They see themselves as a strategic partner for their clients, helping them to express their full potential. 



The Topline team makes sure that their team is able to constantly upskill and stay ahead of the curve. They ensure that they are aligned with each other’s strengths and creative wisdom, and the team as a whole can leverage from each other. 

“Each one of us thinks of ourselves as an entrepreneur, motivating each other to adapt and invent new initiatives.” – Kartik Kala

Kartik also stated that the biggest challenge as a company is also their biggest strength- A young Gen Z-oriented company. A lot of brands may see them as lacking experience or their strategies as unconventional. However, they believe in providing innovative and technological solutions to all their clients. They make sure that their consumer-oriented strategies bring new systematic innovation in the direction, speed, and penetration of marketing. 



For Topline, success has always meant collective good. The company believes that it (success) is the sweet spot where everyone is growing together and the brands and the clients value you for the work. According to Kartik, success is the ability to manage, nurture and amplify communication that brings the right change in the industry and the society. 



  • Indian Content Leadership Awards, 2020 

Category: Best Content in an Influencer Marketing
Campaign: A creative content campaign that has done exemplary work to communicate with the target group and achieve desired results.

  • Drivers of Digital Awards and Summit 

Category: Best Content in an Influencer Driven Digital Marketing
Campaign: An influencer-led marketing campaign that made use of a powerful, unique content to communicate with the target group to drive favorable results.

Topline is growing every day and bringing a paradigm shift in the world of Digital Marketing, from their campaigns to goals, they have ensured creativity and innovation throughout.



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