Consultant of the Year

Consultant Of The Year 2023: Honoring Exceptional Expertise

Whether startups or already-established ones, businesses need a consultation expert now and then. Managing a business needs navigation and advice from a professional with expertise in that area and that’s when Consultants come into play. Be it a small business, mid-sized or large firm, no business can deny the importance of expert consulting in the […]

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Asaya Legal- Consultant of The Year

Asaya Legal: Pioneering Legal Solutions in a Dynamic Market

“We combine innovative thinking and legal technology to deliver solutions that set precedents in today’s complex market paradigm.” Anchit Sripat, Gunjan Tejwani & Ajeyo Sharma (Partners, Asaya Legal) Everyone aims to stay on the right side of the law. However, the laws and regulations affecting a business are as changeable as weather. That’s where businesses […]

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