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Asaya Legal: Pioneering Legal Solutions in a Dynamic Market


“We combine innovative thinking and legal technology to deliver solutions that set precedents in today’s complex market paradigm.”

Anchit Sripat, Gunjan Tejwani & Ajeyo Sharma
(Partners, Asaya Legal)

Everyone aims to stay on the right side of the law. However, the laws and regulations affecting a business are as changeable as weather. That’s where businesses require legal consultants to guide them in the right direction. Asaya Legal is one such firm that offers exceptional advisory, litigation and dispute resolution services to a diverse range of clients across various industries and jurisdictions such as domestic & foreign commercial enterprises, startups, financial institutions and individuals.

Led by the trio- Anchit Sripat, Gunjan Tejwani and Ajeyo Sharma, Asaya Legal provides a suite of services. Its practice areas include Constitutional, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Insolvency, Dispute Resolution, Commercial Contracts, Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Domestic and Foreign Collaborations, Intellectual Property, Information Technology and many more.

“We always ensure that our clients receive practical, innovative and pocket-friendly advice. We deliver quality services that make our clients feel that they made the right choice by choosing us as their legal consultants,” mentions Gunjan.

The Trio Behind Asaya Legal

  • Anchit Sripat

Anchit Sripat possesses extensive expertise in litigation and dispute resolution at the national and international levels. He frequently appears before the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts and multiple Tribunals such as NCLAT, NCLT, NCDRC, CCI, and more, handling IBC, civil and commercial cases.

  • Gunjan Tejwani

Gunjan is a qualified corporate commercial lawyer with over six years of experience in the legal field. She has established herself as a trusted advisor to companies, particularly startups. Her expertise lies in General Corporate Commercial, Finance, Corporate Compliance and Mergers & Acquisitions, with a focus on the M&A practice. She, along with her team, provides valuable insights and strategic advice to clients at every stage of the M&A process, from deal structuring and negotiation to post-closing integration.

  • Ajeyo Sharma

Ajeyo brings a wealth of experience in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. He possesses vast experience working as an independent professional as well as in law firms in various fields like Service Law, Municipal Law, Constitutional Law, PILs, Property Law, Matrimonial Law, Consumer Law, Banking Law, Competition Law, RERA, IBC, Politics, Corporate, and Energy sectors. He regularly appears in the Supreme Court, High Court of Delhi and various other Forums, Tribunals and Commissions.

“We follow a forward-looking approach towards the practice of law. We believe in combining conventional practice areas and emerging sectors while setting new standards within the legal community,” emphasises Ajeyo.

Why is Asaya Legal The Top Choice?

In the competitive legal landscape, Asaya Legal positions itself apart from the rest market players, making it the preferred choice of many. 

  • The firm upholds the highest ethical standards and honesty in all dealings. It’s the fundamental aspect of how Asaya Legal conducts its business.
  • The combined expertise of Gunjan, Ajeyo and Anchit helps the firm solve complex legal challenges. Their extensive knowledge and experience build client’s trust and confidence in Asaya Legal.
  • Accountability is the fuel for holistic growth. The lawyers at the firm take full responsibility for their actions, decisions and outcomes. 
  • Learning is a journey that never ends. Despite carrying extensive industry knowledge, the professionals at the firm keep learning, innovating and staying updated with legal changes and advancements.

“Asaya Legal aims to provide exceptional legal counsel that not only meets but exceeds clients’ expectations. We aspire to become the top choice for businesses and individuals seeking reliable and trustworthy legal guidance and consulting,” says Anchit while signing off.

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