Mohit Singh and Sumit Sachan | Design Views

Design Views: Creating Innovative And Aesthetic Interior Design Solutions

“Design Views aims at a Sustainable and Affordable design approach with a focus on developing an individual identity for each project.” (Mohit Singh and Sumit Sachan, Partners, Design Views) Design Views is a unique, creative and one of its kind interior design firm that gives any space an unforgettable look with its spectacular and innovative […]

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Payal Kapoor | VISIONS

Payal Kapoor: A Creative Genius With Unmatched Artistic Magnificence

“There are times when I am not very enthusiastic about some things, but I work on it by discovering small ways to keep the level of excitement high. Despite the challenges, the show must go on!” Payal Kapoor (Director, VISIONS) Interior designing is not just about decorating the home in a modern way, it is […]

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