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Design Views: Creating Innovative And Aesthetic Interior Design Solutions

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“Design Views aims at a Sustainable and Affordable design approach with a focus on developing an individual identity for each project.”

(Mohit Singh and Sumit Sachan,
Partners, Design Views)

Design Views is a unique, creative and one of its kind interior design firm that gives any space an unforgettable look with its spectacular and innovative designs. Delivering over 100+ successful projects, Design Views is committed to providing innovative interior designs with a touch of elegance and aesthetic sensibility.  

Creating designs with intricate detailing, Design Views caters to high-end interior design solutions for residential and commercial real estate development projects. Building functional and aesthetic spaces, Design Views masters the art of bringing out the full potential of any space. 

“Turning the ordinary into extraordinary, our team provides a creative and unique solution adhering to guidelines and regulations,” believes Mohit Singh and Sumit Sachan, partners at Design Views.


Incepted in 1987, Design Views has been providing top-notch architectural and interior designing solutions for more than 4 decades. Focusing on the individual identity of each and every project, Design Views is committed to sustainable and affordable designs. The company provides a wide range of services for Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Health, Education, and Industrial Projects. It also provides pan India Services with offices in Delhi-NCR, Bareilly and Hyderabad.

Design Views has a reputation for creating interior designs infusing high-quality and world-class elements. Maintaining this reputation, Design Views launched a new interior design house in 2017 under Project MARS. Project MARS is an interior design house that offers its end-to-end interior design solutions for residential and commercial projects. 

Driving the creativity and artistic genius of the company, Mohit Singh and Sumit Sachan are the brains behind Design Views and Project MARS. With the creative brains and strategic planning of these two geniuses, Design Views is flying high to its infinite heights. Holding the position of Design Head, Mohit leads the Architecture and Planning team of the company. And Sumit Sachan is the Construction Manager at Project MARS leading the construction department of the firm.


Design Views creates designing solutions that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional, unique and budget friendly. Along with spectacular design ideas and creative interior solutions, the team of Design Views works with the unique approach of:

  • Sustainability

Contributing its share to preserving nature, Design Views focuses on reducing electrical usage, creating spaces with proper ventilation that reduces the HVAC load and adding automation to save extra electrical load. The professional team of Design Views pays extra attention while creating any design to reduce dependency on natural spaces. 

  • Identity 

Providing a unique character to every project, Dream Views creates an individual identity for each project according to the client, climate, context and end user. 

  • Affordability 

The team of Estimators at Design Views works efficiently with the design team and provides a cost-effective solution to the end users. “We also love to work with a lot of recycled products that bring down the overall carbon footprint of the project,” iterates partners, Sumit and Mohit.


Design Views and Project MARS provide a wide range of Architecture and Interior Design Services that includes: 

  • Residential Projects

Design by Design Views

With the aim to connect the residential units with nature, Design Views and Project MARS create unique interior design solutions for residential projects. To create a sense of calmness and tranquillity in the residential spaces, the firm creates a unique sophisticated design structure. 

  • Commercial And Corporate Projects

Design Views and Project MARS provide exceptional interior designing services to Malls, Shopping Complexes, Individuals Shops and IT Parks. Along with commercial projects, the company also designs corporate offices and their interiors. Understanding and analysing the ethos of the company, the firm creates a design that fosters good working relationships between teams. 

  • Hospitality Designs

Offering the best-in-class designs, the design portfolio of Design Views includes interior designs for Hotels, Resorts, Guest Houses and Banquets. Providing both, the comfort and the vision of the end user, Design Views and Project MARS excel in delivering designs concerning the hospitality world.

  • Institutional Designs

Adhering to guidelines and regulations, Design Views and Project MARS offer creative and unique design solutions for hospitals, educational institutions and banks. 

  • Interior Design and Planning

Design Views provides high-end Residential and Commercial Interior Design Projects. “Our team goes in-depth with the client and end user to create a functional solution which takes into consideration the context, emotions and finances of the project,” asserts Mohit. 

  • Turnkey Solutions

Design by Design Views

Offering a wide range of residential and commercial turnkey solutions, the designs offer by Design Views and Project MARS speak for themselves. Sumit iterates, “we have a range of construction segments starting from 1500 per sq ft to 4000 per sq ft depending on the client.” 


With a mission to foster solid and long-term relationships with corporate groups for residential and commercial projects, Design Views and Project MARS are working diligently to provide world-class interior design solutions. “We hope to provide innovative furniture design solutions for the end user in an affordable and creative fashion,” says partners.

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