Digital Marketing Companies

10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Companies to watch in 2021

In today’s times, we are witnessing a digital revolution, almost every business and brand is trying to promote their company on all social media platforms but have you ever thought, why there is so much focus on the Digital world? Why is digital marketing becoming so important? Digital marketing is everywhere, we are getting influenced […]

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Kartik Kala (Business Head, Topline)


“For Topline, success has always meant collective good. It is the sweet spot where everyone is growing together and the brands and the clients value you for the work.”  – Kartik Kala (Business Head, Topline)   The Global Hues got the opportunity to interview Mr. Kartik Kala, the Business Head of Topline consulting group who […]

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Preventing Controversies

Preventing Controversies: How To Assess The Cultural Dimension of Your Brand

Marketing and advertising have a lot of power and influence over cultivating and engineering our cultural consciousness, but with that power comes great responsibility. Hence, it is crucial that brands avoid including culturally inflammable ideas in their branding.   1.  Ecommerce has vastly changed the way we purchase goods and services, and social media has […]

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Top Five Luxury Watch Brands That You Should Own

Even after operating in a sphere embraced by old-school values of loyalty, luxury, and craftsmanship, the watch industry will, like many others, emerge from the pandemic both largely the same in appearance yet fundamentally changed. 2022 has perhaps more than any other year, displayed the power of branding and consumer loyalty in watchmaking, with the […]

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The Goddess of creativity and design - Ashwini Deshpande

The Goddess of creativity and design – Ashwini Deshpande

Ashwini Deshpande- The co-founder & Director of Elephant Design Pvt Ltd. is impacting some of India’s most well-known brands. Creativity is not everyone’s cup of tea, but everything needs creativity to be interesting. Born and brought up in Aurangabad, Ashwini was always inclined towards creativity and visual storytelling. After trying and testing elocution, debates, dance, […]

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