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10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Companies to watch in 2021

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In today’s times, we are witnessing a digital revolution, almost every business and brand is trying to promote their company on all social media platforms but have you ever thought, why there is so much focus on the Digital world? Why is digital marketing becoming so important? Digital marketing is everywhere, we are getting influenced by these marketing strategies without even knowing about it, doesn’t it sound so smart and fascinating?  From YouTube and TikTok videos to all the Google Ads and Augmented Reality (AR), a business owner can use almost any type of digital technology for marketing. And this is why it is not surprising to see many marketers adopt digital marketing.

When it comes to digital marketing in 2021, we see more and more companies investing in digital marketing. Perhaps it is a good idea to create or think of a digital marketing strategy so your business can gradually expand its online presence and the best way to do this is by investing in companies offering the best digital marketing solutions and services, after all, Digital is the future! Below we have listed down some top-notch companies offering Digital Marketing services that can completely transform your brand: 


  • iProspect 


iProspect, a Dentsu company, is a digital global media agency that is known for its innovation and clientele that includes big brands. iProspect brings proprietary and third-party technology together to surface relevant media, consumer, and business insights and support best-in-class decision-making for their clients. iProspect offers services like -Conversion rate optimization, Informative content, Voice and assistant management, Deliver global strategic technology selection, Implementation and activation, Brand building and Media strategy,

iProspect drives growth for the world’s most legendary brands that include Sonos, Cox, LG, Hilton, Levi’s, Budweiser, Microsoft, and Procter & Gamble. The iProspect team works across a network of quite 8,000 media and performance specialists spread across 93 global markets. 


  • Kinnect


Kinnect is one of India’s largest digital marketing agencies that is a confluence of creative and media. Kinnect partners with companies to build their brand equity by leveraging the digital landscape to create conversations, improve word-of-mouth, provide ROI-driven results and build lasting relationships. The company offers many services like Creative Strategy and Social Media, Video Production, Influencer Marketing, Web and Search Engine Optimization, and much more. Kinnect believes in building digital capabilities to match diverse business needs and creates a visible and lasting impact. 


  • NP Digital 

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a famous digital marketing entrepreneur and the co-founder of a successful online marketing company, NP Digital. NP Digital is a performance marketing agency built by marketers, the company is structured for speed and efficiency to meet the everchanging needs of today’s consumers. NP Digital offers various services like Paid search marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, programmatic advertising, content marketing, data analytics and insights, and many more. NP Digital is one of the fastest-growing digital agencies that has expanded Internationally. 


  • PwC Digital Services

PwC Digital Services

PwC Digital Services is a sincere part of PwC, a global giant with roots across 155 countries and an international workforce of 2,84,000 members. The diverse team at PwC Digital Services aims to inspire human-centered change across the enterprise through these unique offerings:

Digital products- Mobile & website strategy and design, Customer Acquisition- CX Strategy & design, Customer retention- Loyalty experience & personalization, Digital marketing- Technology & transformation, and much more. PwC guides true Digital transformations by helping their clientele’s employees grasp impactful ways to learn, think, interact and solve problems. 


  • Schbang


Schbang is a well-known technical agency based in Mumbai that provides marketing solutions for a wide range of audiences. Schbang provides many top-notch services like Integrated Marketing Solutions, Digital Content Creation and SEO, Media Planning and PR, Video Production and Photography, Influencer Relationship, Celebrity Management, and PR, and much more. When Schbang was launched, it already landed many lucrative clients like BBlunt, Good Knight,, Sequoia Capital, and many more and the company believes in thinking, planning, and then executing fearlessly. For them, if the client’s business wins, they win.


  • Webchutney


Webchutney is a popular global digital agency based in India that offers the services of web design, web promotion, and web marketing. Webchutney has become one of India’s best creative agencies and a 2020 Contagious Pioneer. The creative agency offers services like Advertising,  Branding, and Digital strategy. Currently, Webchutney has over 200 people across Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Gurgaon focused on providing creative services to brands. Dentsu Webchutney has worked with famous companies and it leads mandates for IKEA, Google, Flipkart, Uber, Swiggy, and various other disruptive brands.




iVIPANAN is the pioneer of digital marketing training and services in the South Gujarat region. The founder of the company, Bhautik Sheth has trained more than 60,000 people for digital marketing through seminars, workshops, webinars, and guest lectures. The company is a full-stack digital marketing company providing services like SEO, Social Media Marketing, content marketing, website development, search engine marketing, logo designing, graphic designing, 2D animation video making, product photo, and video shoot, etc. As a training institute, they offer a master’s digital marketing course and other short-term classroom and online programs.



digital kong

Digital Kong is a one-stop platform providing a 360-degree approach to marketing solutions. The company provides a space for creative chaos and for redefining & reinventing a thought. Kong currently offers many services like digital marketing and strategy, Social Media Management, performance marketing, Search Engine Optimization, marketing graphics, catalog and creative shoot, email marketing, influencer marketing, and much more. Digital Kong is a bunch of young professionals backed with technology who have their hands on the latest social media trends and business practices. Kong’s work is driven by 100% data while creating valuable, authentic, original content and driving effective ROI for brands seeking out digital audiences. 


  • LWYD Interactive

LWYD Interactive

LWYD Interactive is a design agency that serves clients who need to have design requirements in the form of posters, ads, online, offline, creative, and similar requirements. The agency specializes in key inflection points—from helping companies take a thoughtful next step, to a total strategic reinvention. LWYD Interactive leverages its years of experience to create the correct strategy and plans for business which helps to grow the brand and revenue of their clients. It offers services like digital strategy and planning, creative strategy and graphic design, social media marketing, videos, Gifs, and content marketing, Website design, development, and analytics, SEO and Search Engine Marketing, and much more. 


  • Topline

Kartik Kala (Business Head, Topline)

Topline Consulting Group is the avant-garde marketing leader that empowers the brands to win the right customer through strategic and smart communication. With having achieved global expertise, Topline is bringing a paradigm shift in brand communications, product marketing, and service experience. Topline helps companies in discovering and realizing sustainable business values and provides top-notch marketing services like Strategic PR, Integrated Product Marketing, Social Media Marketing, CSR and Social innovation, and much more.

Digital Marketing services can help you enhance your business and the growth in businesses is very much visible, we hope you achieve your business goals with the help of the right Digital Marketing strategies.



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