The Ed-Tech Evolution: New Way to Live…

Indian Ed-tech sector has achieved global recognition in the past 5-7 years in various categories like start-ups, funding, expansions, and much more.   It seems like yesterday when possibilities of integrating technology with education seemed none, and rather uncomfortable. Now we stand at a peak where imagining education without any ounce of technology seems next […]

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Innovations in Live Learning: Rise of New Ed-Tech

The outlook of education is transformed with massive developments in technology. Now the demand for quality education is higher than ever before.   Education Technology, as the name suggests, is a huge influx of innovations to streamline the education system. The education system is adopting learners’ needs. The model of imparting knowledge is progressively blending […]

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Affordable and Accessible Quality Education

Schools have always been the only way to education until Ed-tech stepped in, making learning easily accessible and cost-effective.    Education is a key foundation of long-term success. Every parent ensures the best quality education for their kids to promote a better quality of life in the future. However, it sometimes costs substantially higher on […]

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