Consultant of the Year

Consultant Of The Year 2023

Whether startups or already-established ones, businesses need a consultation expert now and then. Managing a business needs navigation and advice from a professional with expertise in that area and that’s when Consultants come into play. Be it a small business, mid-sized or large firm, no business can deny the importance of expert consulting in the […]

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GetGIS- Consultant of The Year

GetGIS: Ensuring A Hassle-Free Immigration Journey

“We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in today’s job market and are dedicated to facilitating a smooth and succmaessful transition.” Divyansh Chaudhari (COO, GetGIS) Throughout history, people have moved around for various reasons—to find work, settle with family or study. In this era of global mobility, GetGIS stands as a one-stop shop for all […]

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