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GetGIS: Ensuring A Hassle-Free Immigration Journey


“We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in today’s job market and are dedicated to facilitating a smooth and succmaessful transition.”

Divyansh Chaudhari (COO, GetGIS)

Throughout history, people have moved around for various reasons—to find work, settle with family or study. In this era of global mobility, GetGIS stands as a one-stop shop for all immigration needs. Headquartered in Bangalore, India’s vibrant startup hub, GetGIS is a holistic solution for those dreaming of a new life in Canada or Australia or seeking job opportunities in Austria, Germany, and Sweden.

“GetGIS, powered by CollegeDekho provides end-to-end support for Permanent Residency (PR) applications, Job Seeker Visas and Study Visas,” mentions Divyansh Chaudhari, the COO.

As the Chief Operating Officer, Divyansh oversees the Technology, Product Development, Sales, Operations and Marketing of the firm. He specialises in creating effective plans and flawlessly executing them. Under his stewardship, all the team members follow a client-centric approach. His forward-thinking approach is steering the company’s growth.

When The Demand For Online Education Resources Shot Up!

The number of Indian students studying abroad is on the rise. This surge reflects a growing aspiration for global education. When Divyansh and his team understood the rising demand for online education resources as traditional avenues were disrupted, it led to the foundation of IELTSMaterial. The platform provides comprehensive support for individuals preparing for the IELTS, OET, PTE and CELPIP exams. 

In Divyansh’s words, “We started with a core team of only 3 members and by the end of 2021 we were a team of 122 employees.”

IELTSMaterial is India’s largest live learning platform that provides curated study materials, interactive learning modules and expert guidance to help students succeed in language proficiency examinations.

Understanding and Meeting Client Needs

GetGIS serves all those who dream of settling in countries like Australia and Canada, as well as those aspiring for safe and secured job opportunities in Austria, Germany, and Sweden. The firm serves potential immigrants, job seekers, and permanent residency and job seekers.

Here’s how the firm maintains strong client relationships:

  • Transparency above anything

Transparency in the immigration process is the key. Team GetGIS always keeps its client well-informed to establish and maintain their trust.

  • Up-to-date Insights

Team GetGIS stays up to date with immigration policies. It provides expert guidance to the client, thereby instilling confidence in their minds.

  • Pocket-friendly Services

The services of GetGIS are pocket-friendly which makes the dream of settling abroad affordable and accessible for clients.

Why GetGIS?

Immigration is quite a competitive landscape with a lot of complexities involved. Emphasising the same, Divyansh reiterates, “We understand the value of clarity in the process. Therefore, we stand clear on one thing from day one– 100% transparency and pocket-friendly solutions.” Here are the factors that make GetGIS the top choice of many:

  • Analysis of Immigration Policies

Experts at GetGIS excel in analysing changes in immigration policies globally, particularly in destinations like Australia, Canada, Austria, Germany, and Sweden. To align the services with the latest requirements, a dedicated team keeps a close eye on the latest and evolving regulations. 

  • Understanding Economic And Job Market Trends

GetGIS keeps itself updated with the latest economic and job market trends and analyses them regularly to identify industries with high demand and customise the services accordingly. 

Divyansh explains, “Building trust is not a one-day job. It takes years to build it and seconds to break. To gain our customers’ trust, we consistently engage with them, listen to their feedback, address their concerns and stay on our toes for any additional help.” Divyansh further adds, “In the initial days, testimonials helped us communicate the positive experiences of our clients which further enhanced our credibility and trustworthiness in the immigration industry.”

What’s Next?

GetGIS is currently investing in advanced data analytics tools to provide clients with even more personalised and data-driven immigration solutions. This includes predictive modelling for visa success rates and real-time updates on policy changes.

“We are also anticipating the advancements in educational technology. We are exploring the integration of AI-driven tools for personalised learning experiences. Strategic partnerships with educational institutions worldwide is another goal to expand the reach and offer preparatory programs to students,” says Divyansh while also highlighting the plan of IELTSMaterial.

Milestones Achieved

It is GetGIS’s principles and ethos that are taking the firm forward. Due to its relentless services in the immigration industry, the firm has achieved many milestones. Some of them are:

  • Excellence Award for Best Contactless Service Experience in Edtech and Immigration
  • GetGIS has witnessed an average YoY enrollment increase of 40%
  • IELTSMaterial has achieved 30% YOY growth in enrolments and 16% YOY traffic growth on an average

“These milestones and achievements are just the tip of the iceberg, the real achievement we believe is that we’ve built a team of talented professionals who leave no stone unturned to provide solutions to our customers and give them personalised attention and support. GetGIS is here to unlock endless opportunities for all those aspiring to build their career overseas,” Divyansh signs off.

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