Auto Expo 2023

Auto Expo 2023: Details, Highlights, and New Launches

Auto Expo is one of the biggest Auto exhibition events that provides a single platform to showcase automotive vehicles. Along with just showcasing the vehicle, this platform also provides the opportunity to exhibit technologies, concepts and trends in the auto world.  In 2023, Auto Expo was organised from 13th to 18th January 2023. The event […]

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electric cars apple

Electric Cars: Apple to enter in the race

You must have witnessed the wave of electric cars flowing nowadays at a rapid pace. Ever since Elon Musk’s Tesla has made headlines with its achievements with electric cars and advancements in battery technology at a lower cost, it has been appreciated by many people. Electric cars are now anticipated to be the future. The example […]

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What Do You Know About Flying Cars

What do you know about flying cars?

Did you know, World’s first flying car has been tested successfully? Flying cars are fascinating new invention and grab attention of many enthusiasts. Automobiles have been dominating the market since the 1880s when the first automobile was developed. Nearly two decades later, the first airplane was invented by the Wright brothers. Now the world is […]

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