Mohit Singh and Sumit Sachan | Design Views

Design Views: Creating Innovative And Aesthetic Interior Design Solutions

“Design Views aims at a Sustainable and Affordable design approach with a focus on developing an individual identity for each project.” (Mohit Singh and Sumit Sachan, Partners, Design Views) Design Views is a unique, creative and one of its kind interior design firm that gives any space an unforgettable look with its spectacular and innovative […]

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Founded in 2000 by Shyam Sunder and Nagaraja R, 4Dimensions is a multi-disciplinary design conceptualization, realization, and roll-out management team of more than 50 domain professionals. Its team consists of experienced architects, retail and hospitality designers, furniture designers, graphic and communication designers, engineers, and project managers. Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, 4Dimensions believes in creating design […]

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