Underrepresentation Of Women In Cybersecurity

CONQUERING GENDER DISPARITY IN CYBERSECURITY: UNDERREPRESENTATION OF WOMEN Cybersecurity is a new area where equality will exist to allow intelligence to succeed. Cybersecurity needs women to be successful and without them, it will not, as the best talent is a must. When web searching for cybersecurity experts, all you can see is a male-dominated sector […]

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What Is Farm Bill 2020 How Does It Impact Farmers

What is Farm bill 2020? How does it impact farmers?

India is an agriculture-based country. Since times immemorial, India has been nurturing and feeding its population with ample supply exported to foreign countries. Agriculture has been a major portion of the Indian economy taking up 17-18% of GDP. 50% of the country’s employment results from the agriculture sector. Farm Bill is also an important factor […]

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