SM Express Celebrates 27 Years of Serving India's Logistics Needs

SM Express Celebrates 27 Years of Serving India’s Logistics Needs

SM Express, one of India’s leading logistics companies proudly celebrated its 27th anniversary, marking the incredible journey of serving India’s logistics needs. Incepted by the visionary Mr Shrawan Chaudhary in 1996, the company has emerged as a trusted and reliable partner for businesses worldwide, delivering top-notch logistics solutions.  “SM Express turns 27. Looking back on […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Seema Chaudhary

Seema Chaudhary: The Legacy Keeper

“SM Express is committed towards one single goal- ‘You Promise, We Deliver’.”  Seema Chaudhary (Chairperson & Managing Director, SM Express) There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise; these words put in a nutshell the story of Seema Chaudhary, an iron lady leading a progressing logistics business to sky heights. After the […]

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10 Best Logistics Companies in India

10 Best Logistics Companies In India

Logistics plays a vital role in today’s growing and fast-evolving economy. We can’t imagine a world where nothing is delivered or transported between different places. Logistics companies have a significant part to play. Many companies rely on logistics to keep their businesses strong. It is increasingly becoming an important part of the whole supply chain. […]

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