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Seema Chaudhary: The Legacy Keeper

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“SM Express is committed towards one single goal- ‘You Promise, We Deliver’.” 

Seema Chaudhary
(Chairperson & Managing Director, SM Express)

There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise; these words put in a nutshell the story of Seema Chaudhary, an iron lady leading a progressing logistics business to sky heights. After the untimely demise of her husband, Mr Shrawan Chaudhary, Mrs Chaudhary put herself in his shoes and is leading SM Express with the same vision, enthusiasm, and values as framed by her husband.

Mrs Chaudhary, while taking care of SM Express like her own baby, has developed fortitude and resilience, coupled with a willingness to be authentically happy. The business incepted by Mr Shrawan Chaudhary in 1996 is today scaling heights and the due credit goes to Mrs Seema Chaudhary as she never let her emotions overpower her intelligence. She is holding the position of Chairperson and Managing Director of SM since 2019.

Little did she know about business affairs, when responsibilities fell on her shoulders, she emerged like a superwoman and managed everything. She developed an ultra-fine understanding of the logistics business in a very short span of time and rose significantly as a proficient Chairperson and Managing Director who speaks her mind, drives the business to make an impact and also understands the business needs. 


At times when issues like gender inequality were persisting in the boardroom and the dearth of women in the corporate world was a grave concern, Mr Shrawan Chaudhary was teaching Mrs Seema Chaudhary how to handle business meetings, fulfil client’s needs, devise strategic plans, and many other things that would make his wife understand different facets of the business world.

“Shrawan Ji has taught me everything. He had been very progressive and supportive. I strongly believe that his values are keeping us together. We all are taking SM Express forward following his principles and values,” asserts Mrs Seema Chaudhary.

She along with the entire team of SM Express is able to skillfully frame strong strategies and sharp-witted business decisions which is fuelling the growth of SM Express and helping it stand among India’s top 10 logistics companies. Following the ideologies of Mr Shrawan Chaudhary that says “My People Are My Strength And My Possibility”, Mrs Chaudhary emerges as an ardent leader liked by all.

“It’s been almost 26 years and we still stay true to our company’s tagline “You Promise, We Deliver”. Believing in the ‘Customer is king’ philosophy, we provide cost-efficient, reliable and quality logistical solutions with peace of mind all around the world,” mentions the CMD.

Along with being the matriarch of the SM family, Mrs Chaudhary is also a homemaker and a mother of three children. She is also an avid reader and listener of spiritual & religious texts. As a believer of the mystic poet Saint Kabir Dasji, she works with keeping the humanity approach alive. Saint Kabir Das Ji’s philosophical tenets have taught her how to directly communicate with employees & clients, understand and solve their issues, and much more to list. 

She often quotes one of his famous sayings, ‘Aisi Vani Boliye, Man Ka Aapa Khoye Auran Ko Sheetal Kare, Aaphu Sheetal Hoye’ as this saying has taught her how to speak with every single person with patience and wisdom. “This practice not only keeps me happy but also leaves all the people surrounding me delightful,” believes the CMD.


Seema Chaudhary

India’s leading logistics company, SM Express, provides exceptional logistics services across multimodal operations in Pan India. It also provides 3PL and 4PL services and is coming up with E-commerce solutions very soon.

The journey of the company started under the name SM Worldwide with a focus on the international business vertical. Realising the potential of the B2B segment, Late Mr Shrawan Chaudhary expanded the company’s operations covering both the international and domestic markets. Growing at a rapid pace, the company registered itself as SM Express Logistics Pvt. Ltd. in 2014. Since then, it has been walking on a growth trajectory catering to over 3500 customers across the country. Starting with just one office, today, SM Express has a network of over 200 franchise businesses.

Serving the entire supply chain of customers, SM Express offers a unique mixture that comprises the reliability and knowledge of large companies and the friendliness of small businesses. Building the trust of thousands of customers, the company uses the power of technology for an advanced tracking system and real-time information for providing them with a hassle-free experience.

“I am proud to mention that SM Express is equipped with highly qualified professionals who work dedicatedly with a motive to excel in the customer’s expectations with timely delivery of products and best-in-class customer service. The approachable and collaborative management is one of the biggest reasons why customers trust SM Express for their logistical needs,” explains Mrs Seema while highlighting the significance of maintaining client relationships. 


  • 300+ Commercial Vehicles
  • 26 Years of Brand and Goodwill
  • 1,00,000 Sq Ft Space
  • 200 Franchisee
  • 3500+ Loyal Customers

The skilled team of the company ensures top-class services with a strong network of 10,000 locations, 5,000+ PIN codes, and 700 cities. “At SM Express, we believe in teamwork and the capabilities and expertise of our team members. Together we are walking forward for collaborative growth for all,” mentions Mrs Chaudhary.

The Founder believed, “Give to the world the best you can, and the best will come back to you automatically”. Aligning with The Founder believed, “Give to the world the best you can, and the best will come back to you automatically”. Aligning with this thought of the Founder, SM Express also runs the Shrawan Chaudhary Foundation, which works for the upliftment of the needy and underprivileged people.


Be it end-to-end supply chain management or a customised logistics solution, SM Express has the expertise in all. With its robust infrastructure and advanced technology, it offers unmatched logistics solutions with 100% customer satisfaction. The service portfolio of SM Express includes:

  • SM Rapid

A premium product developed for the safe and swift delivery of important and day-definite consignments. SM Rapid comes with a money-back guarantee to ensure full customer satisfaction.

  • SM Domestic Express

Ensuring faster delivery compared to the surface mode. Enabling door-to-door delivery services within India for bulk consignments via cargo flights across various destinations within 24-48 hours.

  • SM Rail Express

Facilitating bulk movement services at cost-effective rates, SM Rail Express is a cost-efficient and reliable product that delivers the consignment from one place to another without any problem.

  • SM Ground Cargo

Keeping in mind the affordability of the product, the company introduced SM Ground Cargo with competitive pricing and superior quality. Without any maximum weight limit, SM Ground Cargo delivers in all metro cities of India.


For providing the utmost convenience to the customers, the company offers Value Added Services like Cash on Delivery. Through COD, the company added an extra element to its exceptional services along with prompt delivery, updation, and proactive response.

  • SM International

With a strong delivery network, the company delivers in over 220 countries across the world.


Standing tall in the industry as an industry leader for the last 26 years, SM Express adds many accolades and achievements to its name. Some of the most noteworthy recognitions are:

  • ‘10 Best Logistics Companies In India’ Award by “The Global Hues” in 2022
  • ‘The 10 Most Trailblazing Companies To Watch In – 2022’ Award by “The Business Fame”, a certified media firm
  • ‘Brand Of The Year – 2021’ Award in Logistics Category by “The Global Hues”, a Global Media Organisation
  • ‘The Most Preferred Logistics Partner’ Award by HEMTEXTIL INDIA for the Year 2018


Continuing the vision of Shrawan Chaudhary, Mrs Seema ensures that SM Express grows significantly to match the global service standard by innovating new products & services, investing in talent & technology and ethical management practices.

The company is also on a mission to create entrepreneurship opportunities for the business community through its franchise system. With customer-centric innovations and strategic expansion plans, SM Express is moving forward to position itself as a legacy brand all over the nation.

Witnessing the double-digit growth of SM Express, the company will soon make its place in the Supply Chain industry too. “We plan to achieve that by creating entrepreneurship opportunities for aspiring enthusiastic minds through a unique Franchise system, diversifying business, inorganic growth, talent acquisition, continuous training and by the adoption of the top-notch Industry practices,” asserts Mrs Chaudhary.


Mrs Seema is an optimistic woman. She believes that every experience, however bitter, teaches you a lesson. Always keep learning and moving ahead. She advises other women entrepreneurs to take on every project as it can be an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and to invent & reinvent.

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