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5 Best Press Release Sites in 2022

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Before listing out the best press release websites, let’s just quickly understand what a press release is because it is often noticed that people do not understand the meaning of a press release and the significance it holds.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a short, crisp, and compelling news story written by a public relations professional. The entire purpose of writing a press release is to get noticed by a larger target audience. It includes all the necessary information i.e, who, what, when, how, where, and why. To put it in simple terms, the whole idea behind a press release is communication. It can be in any form; written, recorded, or even shown. 

Benefits of Press Release 

A press release is indeed a well-crafted and carefully distributed press release and is an effective public relations and marketing tool. Following are some of the benefits of press release distribution:

  • It is affordable and pocket-friendly if compared with other advertising and promotional activities
  • It is an effective way to reach the desired target audience
  • A press release created while considering Search Engine Optimization in mind helps in appearing in top online searches
  • It builds brand recognition and reputation leading to a positive image of the business
  • It increases the visibility of a brand or a business in the media

5 Best Press Release Sites in 2021

1. PRWeb

PRWeb is one of the best press release distribution services that help businesses improve their digital presence. For over 20 years, PRWeb has helped thousands of companies boost online awareness and visibility, drive website traffic and reach new customers. It has three packages. The cheaper one costs $99 per release and improves the visibility on search engines. The most expensive package is worth $389 per release. It drives traffic to your website from other sites, emails, and social media. The company works in three simple steps. The first step includes the creation of a press release, adding images, videos, and hyperlinks. The second and third steps are related to distribution and tracking. 

2. The Global Hues

The Global Hues is another one of the useful and reliable press release sites in India. For effective communication, you need to reach the right target audience. The Global Hues ensures that your press release reaches the right audience. You can submit your press release here to enjoy result-oriented press release distribution services in India. One of the important benefits of submitting a press release in this company is that the pricing is very cheap and affordable. Choosing the right low-cost press release distribution service in India can have a prominent impact on the success of your PR distribution campaign. So, consider publishing your press release here for sure! 

3. Business Wire India 

Business Wire India is the perfect platform to submit a press release. When it distributes your press release, it is straight away pushed to all Top Indian news agencies like ANI, PTI, UNI, and IANS. This platform ensures that a press release is disseminated instantaneously. It has exclusive tie-ups with some of the biggest names in the online, broadcast, and print news distribution world. It provides numerous targeting options to deliver a press release and other content. Submit your press release now and reap huge benefits from it.

4. PR 24×7

Another name on the list is PR 24×7. It is the best PR release service site and is affordable and pocket-friendly. Through PR 24×7, businesses reach the target audience through different platforms like social media platforms, blogs, news sites, and magazines. It boosts online presence through three simple processes. First, it plans and connects with key media for better coverage. Second, it distributes the right message to the right audience at the right time. Third, it delivers on time to help gain greater brand recognition and publicity. A text-only press release is published for Rs. 15,000. However, with the image, the charges are Rs. 20,000.

5. Press Release Point

Press Release Point is another one of the best press release distribution services in India that publishes press releases and includes a distribution service if you choose the relevant option. It provides various press release services like press release syndication, media monitoring, press release alerts, press release distribution to online and print publications, and many more. If you want to publish only one press release, they charge $10 but there are also other options available. You can submit the press release to 40 additional free sites by paying an extra amount of $5. 



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