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Everyone is looking for design accessibility in all kinds of budgets. We are highly competent in realizing the target accompanied with vision. We are exposed to all kinds of latest trends with skilled labor at our disposal. – Sanjum Singla (Principal Designer, Mac Bruzae)


Mac Bruzae is a State of the art Design Powerhouse that prides itself on being a One-Stop-Shop for all possible Interior Design needs. It is the only furniture brand in the country that manufactures and designs the entire product in-house from sourcing the wood to polishing and upholstery- each and every task is carried out by its highly skilled artisans. On any client’s arrival, the Mac Bruzae team of talented Interior Designers, Architects, and Civil Engineers is available to ensure every client’s needs are met. 


Mac Bruzae offers: 

  1. An 8,000 sq./ft. showroom of ready-to-pick furniture and lighting, high-end accessories, wall art, rugs, chandeliers, and other spectacular add-ons.
  2. A huge library and database of customizable furniture curated and worked upon for over 30 years.
  3. End to End Turnkey and Interior Design Consultancy services like concept creation, window detailing, electrical detailing, wall elevation, flooring, and ceiling layout, space and furniture layouts, furniture choice, selection of fabrics and soft furnishings, and selection of lighting and artwork.


Mac Bruzae design


Mac Bruzae is an Interior Design – Pan India division of Mac International. Mac International is a government-recognized export house that manufactures & exports exceptional home furniture, to almost all countries worldwide- via the most elite stores, brand names, and designers since 1988. The company has its own manufacturing unit of 80,000 Sq.ft. complete with international standard seasoning plants, chemical treatment plants, and carpentry, polishing, and finishing as well as upholstery facilities. This is the company’s USP. 

It focuses on International trends and understanding the customer needs. The company believes in delivering the best quality products. Therefore, each product is produced in house and developed step by step under the watchful eyes of a  huge team of experts. 


Mac Bruzae’s services include furniture design solutions and decorative services. Under the furniture design solutions, the company provides two collections:

  • The Luxe Collection: It is a collection of bespoke furniture made from the most exotic materials. This collection features opulent unique pieces designed to make a signature statement. Swarovski Crystals, Gold Leaf Inlays, and Pure Teak Wood are some examples of the materials used in this collection.
  • The Designer Collection: This collection is a  fusion of classic and modern accents. The detailing is all straight in line with an emphasis on minimalism to complement the modern living style. The modern appeal of this range lends a rich and dynamic feel to the client’s space.

It also provides handmade lighting accessories and other decorative accessories.


Mac Bruzae


“Our clients range from B2C customers (direct individuals and homeowners) to B2B clients for whom we do commercial spaces as well as hotel and villa projects,” says Sanjum while mentioning the clientele of the company.

She further adds and says, “The faith of a client is not something that is weighed. It comes from continuously delivering on all aspects of the project- starting from understanding the client’s vision down to budgets and BOQS. The moment one delivers on these aspects, you not only make a customer for a lifetime but someone who recommends you further when asked. This is what market goodwill is all about and we are lucky to have that on our side.”


Mentioning the team ethos of the company, Sanjum mentions that “No client is big or small and no work is big or small either. A client looking to purchase a  bed from our showrooms is given as much weightage as someone who wants to complete the entirety of interiors for a house project. We train all our employees to follow this spirit.”


The biggest challenge that Mac Bruzae faces is always competition and the company overcomes it by improving its skills and abilities on a regular basis. It ensures that wasteful activities are minimized with efficient working. 


“Success is an ongoing process. Every step forward is a sense of success and accomplishment. I would say miles to go & still miles to go,” says Sanjum while defining success.

Interior Design - Mac Bruzae


The company is accredited with SEDEX, SMETA, & VRIKSH as well as has all its International Social Audits passed. It periodically participates in top interiors and furniture exhibitions such as India Design, Inside Outside, and Index Furniture Trade Fair as well as has a noteworthy presence at the IHGF Export Fair every year.

Since its inception in 1988, Mac Bruzae has always been prioritizing the client’s requirements. The company believes that the key is to always give options and push clients out of their comfort zones once in a while to explore new design horizons. In the next five years, the company successfully aims to realize all its goals and reach on top of the ladder. It is indeed one of the top design powerhouses.

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