Saathigen edtech

Saathi Global Education Network: Changing the Landscape of Global Education

Kartik Sarda– The Founder and CEO of Saathi Global Education Network shared the success story of his company with The Global Hues.   Saathi Global Education Network is a multi-service platform designed specifically to ease the process of International Collaboration for schools around the world, with the goal of building leaders of the future who can […]

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Conscious Leap edtech

ConsciousLeap: Triggering self-awareness of subconscious behavioural tendencies for self-development 

Sanjay Desai– The Founder and CEO of ConsciousLeap connected with The Global Hues over an interview to share about his company’s journey.  ConsciousLeap is a global self-empowerment, multimedia, and technology platform that enables a global community to achieve self-development. through content, community, and products. ConsciousLeap offers self-development tools through a dynamic multimedia approach which includes art forms, […]

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Sarmentum Edtech

Sarmentum: Experts in Rapid Learning Solutions

Naveen Bhatnagar and Sharad Saran- The Co-Founders of Sarmentum shared the story of the company’s growth with The Global Hues.   Sarmentum is a Digital Learning company, providing customized courses compatible across different devices. They cater to go-to useful, cost-effective content solutions. The ideology behind starting Sarmentum is to create a customer-centric organization where the focus […]

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Ed-tech eAgetutor

eAgetutor: A Company on a mission to help you think in English 

Chander Madan- Founder & CEO of  shared the pragmatic approach of their target training with The Global Hues.   eAgetutor is one of the leading digital spoken English skill development training service providers with a target to achieve enormous scale by surpassing the barriers in the traditional format. eAge offers engaging training sessions with […]

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Importance and benefits of SWOT

SWOT Analysis: Benefits | Importance | Uses

Are you confused about your future? Facing trouble in building a company’s strategy?  Try SWOT analysis. SWOT is the abbreviation of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Therefore, a SWOT analysis is nothing but an analysis of these four components. It can be performed for individual life or a company. Nowadays SWOT is given extreme importance […]

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Interview with CollegeSearch

Online Portal CollegeSearch changing the landscape of Ed-tech

  “We are very proud as Indians” The founder of CollegeSearch commented on the ‘Make In India’ initiative during an interview with The Global Hues. CollegeSearch is an ed-tech company with over 3 million students and 5000 colleges, working on an award-winning algorithm that compares colleges on various quantitative and qualitative parameters. Their SmartQuotient derives […]

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Why India Celebrates Martyrs Day ON30 January

Why is 30th January celebrated as Martyrs’ Day in India?

India has renowned historic events of struggle and fights to free itself from the clutches of British rule. The innumerable freedom fighters with their long journey of sacrifice were behind a free India. One of the leaders who pioneered several events for the independence of India was honorable Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He is honored in […]

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Case Study – Vedantu The Learning App | Business Model | Market Value

Vedantu is an Edtech startup based in India which gained extensive popularity due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As all the educational institutions suffer from imminent closure, there is a rise in demand for technological options to advance in the study. Vedantu is now one of the top tutoring platforms that offer such live education to students. […]

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byjus online learning

Case Study : The Indian EduTech Company Byju’s – Business Model

Who hasn’t heard about BYJU’S fabulous ways of imparting learning? When you miss out on something in a classroom or somehow find it difficult to grasp a subject an app like this can come as a boon. BYJU’S has become India’s largest Edtech company. An app that creates the largest network of K12 learning (4-12 […]

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