Top Effective Email Marketing Strategies You Must Know

Top Effective Email Marketing Strategies You Must Know


Email marketing is indeed one of the best and most effective ways of digital marketing. In email marketing, several emails are sent to the target subscribers providing them with promotional content and information.

Email marketing provides users with an opportunity to interact directly and communicate with their subscribers; it also acts as an opportunity for users to build a strong relationship with their subscribers by adding a personal touch through their email content. In addition to that, it also helps in various ways, like:

  • Promotional practices
  • Generating sales leads
  • Building the brand image
  • Accepting the feedbacks
  • Generating website traffic and more.

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With this article, we aim to share some of the most effective email marketing strategies. Implementing these strategies can increase the potential of email marketing to a great extent and enable users to achieve their desired marketing objectives.

Add A Personal Touch To Your Emails

Subscribers always like those emails which have a personal touch. ‘Dear customer’ and ‘Dear Amit’  impact subscribers in different ways. Even though both methods of addressing the subscriber conclude the same message, the latter, which addresses the subscriber by name, gives a friendly feeling as if the user knows the subscriber personally.

Adding a personal touch to your email will instantly establish a human connection. The subscriber or the recipient of such mail will feel very important and acknowledged as well. Furthermore, personalising emails substantially increases the engagement rate. Whenever a subscriber receives such emails the chances of their opening and engaging with the content of email increases.

Hence it will be very fruitful to add personal touch, right from the beginning of your email.

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Make Your Email Interactive

If you get a spin wheel on your email, won’t it be a bit difficult to resist spinning it? That’s the power of an interactive email. Creating and adding interactive elements in your email like sliders, spin wheels, puzzles, and quizzes not only encourage engagement but also provide responses based on the result of such interaction.

Interactive elements invite engagement by capturing attention and increasing the rates of clicks within an email. These elements also help the user stand out from traditional static email marketing and better deliver the brand message. These kinds of emails also tend to have higher conversion rates as sometimes it becomes irresistible for the customer not to interact with elements in the email.

Work On Visuals

A visually appealing email always captures the recipient’s attention and leaves a lasting impression. Using animated pictures, GIFs and anything which is visually attractive and conveys the message, will help the recipient to understand the message very quickly without the trouble of reading the full email.

Visuals also help the recipient to remember the brand message as our brains can swiftly process visual information such as images, videos, charts, etc. With high retention rate visuals have the power to simplify complex information.

Hence, in emails by using visuals, users can enhance engagement and make the emails simplified and attractive.

Compelling Subject Lines

If you’ve been given just one line to persuade the recipient to open your email, and not to be ignored like 98% of senders, how will you create that subject line? How will you write a line that would ensure that the email won’t land in the spam folder?

A good subject line must have these things.

  • Clarity
  • Urgency (offer till Monday only)
  • No spam-triggering keywords (discount, free, winner, limited time, etc.)
  • Exclusivity (for gold members only)
  • Short and concise
  • Relevance (we noticed that you are looking for a new laptop)
  • Creative

Don’t forget that the subject lines are the first impression on your target recipient. If the user crafts it well, it will persuade the recipient to open and interact with the email.

Subscriber’s Segmentation

Email subscribers’ segmentation is nothing but the practice of dividing the whole subscriber list into segments based on certain criteria like demographics, purchase history, etc. The segmentation is done to run different and tailored email marketing campaigns on different segments to provide more relevant and personalised content.

Basis of segmentation: One can use any criteria according to their needs and demand. Some of the most used segmentation criteria are:

  • Demographics (age, gender, location, etc.)
  • Buying patterns
  • Interaction (new customer, active, old, inactive)
  • Purchase preferences, etc.

Optimised For Multiple Devices

This is the most ignored yet highly effective email marketing strategy. Make sure that your email’s body is well optimised if not for every device, then for most of the devices (PCs, smartphones, iPads/ tablets). 

This is extremely important because this will ensure that the user can interpret the whole information, and not struggle to zoom and adjust his screen all the time. 

Summing up:

Email marketing is one of the best forms of digital marketing if done strategically. You can use the above-mentioned strategies to craft stunning emails for your marketing campaigns. By adding a personal touch, crafting a good subject line, and working on visuals, you can achieve your marketing objectives.

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