How To Know If Your Girlfriend Has The Same Feelings As You

How To Know If Your Girlfriend Has The Same Feelings As You?


In a relationship, this is the most important thing you must know about your girlfriend. Otherwise, you may think that the love, care, and support in this relationship is from one side. However, in the end, you may not be capable of facing the reality that she was just passing the time with you. Other than this, you might also be in sudden shock by hearing that she was already dating some other guy, and she is now engaged with him as well.

So, it’s much better to acknowledge yourself, whether she thinks the same about you as you think about her. If you are aware of this, it’s absolutely fine, but if not, you can check her thoughts about you and your relationship just by following these steps. This may help you to know how to examine her love if she really loves you.

1] Financial Independence Is Important, But Love As Well 

Financially, independence is important, but love as well. Suppose she is with you just because of your success, your money, and your status rather than loving you by heart. Then, trust me, this is better than a relationship with less success, but she must love from the bottom of her heart. This means both factors must be of proper importance, including love and financial independence. You can easily manage a relationship by being rich, stable in love, and handsome earning as well. 

Now, this is important as the relationship is sustained by sharing love and care, along with special gifts to make her happy, and also strengthens your bonding in your relationship. For instance, you must present her with some greeting cards for Valentine’s Day, as this will be such a special day for both of you

2] See If She Matches Your Energy Or Vibes

The very important thing you must notice is her mood while she is with you, her behaviour in your presence, and the natural flow of talking to you while you poke her for your relationship and for your future. If all these match yours, then you may think and even make your satisfied that she also loves you. Other than this, if the scenario is just the opposite of this, then obviously, you are on the wrong track and are just wasting your time.

3] She Has Future Planning With You

Now, as you think and be happy for your future along with her, she also feels the same. Apart from this, she is only talking about the present and doesn’t have any future plans with you. If she also feels happy and excited about thinking about the future together, then you are a very lucky person to have a girlfriend like her. 

Further, feelings of happiness are far away; she doesn’t even think about togetherness or spending a single moment with you in the future. But here, if your way of thinking is different from yours, then there are very few possibilities of being together. In this case, you shouldn’t put much effort into maintaining this relationship, rather than leaving her and thinking about your bright future.

4] Stands Against Your Wrong Side And Guides For The Right One

She may always stand against you rather than appreciate you, even if you are wrong. This is because true love sustains giving true value, respect, and appreciation rather than showing fake ones. Always keep in mind that fakes are temporary, whether in terms of love or care. These can’t sustain the relationship forever.

Instead of this, the best option is if she really wants to improve you and your relationship. She may prefer to guide you toward the right thing, not the wrong ones. For this, you may not feel angry that she is not from your side rather, you must be feeling happy. At least she does not appreciate you even if you are wrong but guides you so that you can leave the wrong path and choose the right one.

5] Remembers Every Little Detail You Share With Her

If she really loves you, it’s not possible to forget the gifts, memories, and moments she spent with you. It might be possible that you have opted for valentines gift delivery in Delhi or at her doorstep to impress her that contained some delicious chocolates, a beautiful flower bouquet, luxury watches, and many more. If she remembers the essence of those gifts, then you can move ahead in life with her.


In this article, you might be able to find the solution to how to know your girlfriend’s feelings. Does she feel and love the same as you do?  If you are confused about this, then you can get help from this article, as all the important thoughts regarding this are listed inside this. There are several ideas to check this, but you can implement some of these according to your preferences.

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