Will the Stock Market Break Records on June

Elections 2024: Will Stock Market Break Records on June 4?

Discover: The impact of Elections 2024 on India’s stock market dynamics. Is it the best time to invest in infrastructure and PSU bank stocks? Explore which sectors and stocks are set to rise post-elections in India. In an interview with Sanjay Pugalia, the chief editor of NDTV, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, said […]

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Elections 2024 What, Where, and Who in the Phase 5

Elections 2024: What, Where and Who in Phase 5?

Discover: Fifth phase of Elections 2024 is happening in 49 Lok Sabha constituencies Who were the prominent early voters today in Mumbai? Who are the key candidates in the fifth phase of Lok Sabha Elections 2024? The fifth phase of India’s seven-phase elections has started, covering 49 seats across six states and two union territories.  […]

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Another advice by Narayana Murthy. This time a Game-Changer.

Another advice by Narayana Murthy. This time a Game-Changer.

Discover What is the new recommendation by Narayana Murthy? What benefits to expect from his new recommendation?  Impactful Life Advice Given By Narayana Murthy Narayana Murthy has been has been in the news a lot lately. His advice to work for 70 hours a week sparked a huge debate in the country when he suggested […]

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The New Buzz In India AI in Food Processing

What’s The Buzz on India’s Plan for AI in Food Processing?

Discover What if artificial intelligence (AI) could help farmers earn more? What is India’s next plan in this field? Is AI actually changing the Food Industry? If yes, how?  India is on the brink of a technological transformation in its food processing industry. Imagine if artificial intelligence (AI) could help farmers earn more. Image if […]

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Layoff Saga by Giants Continues Reasons Stay Same

Layoff Saga by Giants Continues. Reasons Stay Same!

Discover Why are tech giants Google and Meta laying off employees? How many employees have been affected by layoffs in the tech industry this year? What regions and departments are most impacted by the layoffs? Let’s come straight to the point. 2023 saw a record layoff of over 260,000.  Although 2024 began with optimism, layoffs […]

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How Can IPL 2024 Teach You to Hit a Financial Six

How Can IPL 2024 Teach You to Hit a Financial Six?

Discover Are investment plans similar to IPL team strategies? Why Research is a Must–Have Before Investing? How does IPL help the Indian economy? Are you a cricket fan who loves watching the IPL?  Do you also have a knack for smart investments?  Imagine if you could combine the excitement of cricket with investing. Intriguing, right?  […]

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IPL 2024 Advertisers Hitting A Six in Every Ball. How

IPL 2024: Advertisers Hitting A Six in Every Ball. How?

Discover: The viewership on Jio Cinema on day 1 of the IPL 2024 Who are the 15 sponsors so far of the IPL 2024 tournament? How is IPL becoming a golden ticket for brands? Cricket fever has swept the nation again. Another electrifying season of IPL 2024 is here for boundary-smashing action, heart-stopping finishes, and […]

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Can Marketers Take Lessons from Elections 2024 Playbook

Elections: Can Marketers Take Notes from Elections Playbook?

Discover Budget spending on advertisements by political parties How Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi (“Brand Gandhi”), Narendra Modi (“Brand Modi”) nailed at creating their own brands What are the different marketing lessons to take from above two and other strategies? India is currently in its elections fever. Each political party is trying every strategy to emerge […]

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Elections 2024 Stock Market Crash & Low Voting. Coincidence

Elections 2024:Stock Market Crash & Low Voting. Coincidence?

Discover Why did the stock market drop during the Lok Sabha elections? What are the reasons behind low voter turnout in the General Elections? Why does low voter turnout happen every year? The stock market is going through a rough patch. The Sensex fell more than 1,000 points and Nifty fell almost 350 points on […]

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Who Will Lead India What's at Stake for Businesses

Elections 2024: Who Will Lead India? What’s at Stake for Businesses?

Discover Why do elections Impact the economy so much? How Elections Impact the Stock Market? Does the stock market impact businesses? If yes, how? Who is going to win the elections 2024? Who will serve as the Prime Minister for the upcoming tenure? While this may be the biggest question in our minds, have you […]

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