DATA NEXT 2023 Driving Business Transformation through Data

DATA NEXT 2023: Driving Business Transformation through Data

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The DATA NEXT is set to take place on 24th August at the Trident Hotel, Chennai. The theme for this year’s event is Integration to Impact and it will bring together a community of data leaders it will address how data leaders can harness the power of data-driven transformation for better business outcomes. This event will bring together 150+ Chief Information Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Heads of Data, Vice president Analytics, AI, Machine learning and Heads of Customer Analytics from across industries in the region.

Event Overview: DATA NEXT 2023

The Data Next Conference will provide a platform for industry leaders to discuss the transformation of data for better business outcomes. The conference will be led by industry leaders like- Srinivas Rao Kollipara, SVP & CIDO – Brakes India, Ravi Kiran Avvaru, Chief Digital and Data Officer – Sundaram Clayton Limited, Ravi Peddhibhotla, CDO – TVS Electronics, Suresh Kumar Palanivel, Head of GMO MI and Data Analytics Barclays, Vani Gopalan-  Director and India Delivery Head- Global Business Solutions Technology- Flowserve. 

Key Discussions

One of the key topics that will be discussed at the conference is Unlocking the Future with Data. This session will focus on data centric leadership to enhance the business value agenda taking about the critical role of data-centric leadership in driving business success, unlocking the potential of tech and data to align them with strategic goals.

Some of the other key topics that will be covered at the conference include Cloud to Maximize Data Efficiency. This panel will cover ground on the increased use of cloud and hybrid cloud services is one of the top data trends and how hybrid cloud strikes a balance between public and private clouds, providing enhanced agility by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. 

Analytics and BI for Valuable Insights is another key topic that will be discussed at the conference. This session will explore the impact on how the growth of business intelligence has been recognized as a game-changer for firms in today’s data-driven world. By harnessing the power of data and analytics, business intelligence empowers companies with valuable insights that drive informed decision-making and strategic planning. Organizations may uncover hidden patterns, trends, and correlations in their data using advanced data collecting, analysis, and visualization tools, giving them a thorough picture of their operations, clients, and markets.

The DATA NEXT is supported by Denodo as a Gold Partner. International Business Magazine, World Business Outlook, The Global Hues, Block Tides, Coinvoice, Asia Token Fund, Silicon India, News Startup and CEO Insights as Media Partners. This conference is an opportunity for CDOs, CIOs, CISOs, CTO and heads of data and analytics and customer experience to gain a better understanding on ethical data governance, data democratisation and cloud computation for enhanced business outcomes.

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