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An Indian Industrialist, Shiv Nadar is an embodiment of a leader with a vision and has been listed as the third richest man in India by Forbes in 2022. With his foresight to make India technologically advanced, he founded Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) Technologies in 1976. HCL Technologies is among the most prestigious Indian IT companies that provides innovative IT solutions globally. Under the leadership of Shiv Nadar, HCL Technologies is emerging as a trailblazer in the processing and IT industry. 

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In 2008, he was awarded Padma Bhushan for his contribution to the IT industry which is the third-highest civilian award in India. He is a man with a golden heart, who along with pioneering in the IT industry, runs many foundations to support the weaker sections of the society. His estimated net worth is $31.6 billion, and a large part of his wealth goes to donations and charities. 


Shiv Nadar was born in the village of Tamil Nadu on 14 July 1945. Born to Sivasubramaniya Nadar and Vamasundari Devi, Shiv Nadar was a very bright child. His childhood nickname was ‘Magnus’ which means wizard in Persian. He completed his graduation from PSG College of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He got married to Kiran Nadar, who is a Chairperson of the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art. She is also a trustee of the Shiv Nadar Foundation. Shiv and Kiran Nadar have a daughter, Roshni Nadar, who is now the Chairperson of HCL Technologies. 

Shiv started his career in 1967 as an Engineer at Walchand Group’s Cooper Engineering (COEP) in Pune. But he realised that he was meant to do something different and soon he left his job. Then, he and his six engineer friends started a company, MicroComp Limited in 1976 which was involved in the manufacturing and selling of teledigital calculators. MicroComp is considered as the first step toward achieving a much bigger goal. 


Earlier in those days, India had only a few computer manufacturers and IBM was the only big name in the industry. Shiv Nadar and his other partners took this opportunity in their favour and by understanding the needs of the market, incorporated HCL with an initial investment of Rs. 1,87,000. To support the great cause and vision of Shiv Nadar, the UP government provided the allowance of Rs. 20 lakhs in the exchange of a 26% share of the company. As the government had stakes in the company, Shiv was allowed to name the company “Hindustan Computers Limited.”

In 1978, they introduced the HCL 8C computer. Initially, HCL started its operations in India and gradually expanded its business in countries across the globe. Furthermore, HCL was among the first few companies that worked on the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model. 

After the substantial growth of the company, HCL started its IT services across the globe. The company has grown multi-folds under the futuristic vision of Shiv Nadar and has made its place among the top IT companies in the world. After taking the company to its infinite heights, Shiv Nadar decided to step down as the Managing Director in 2021 and spend the rest of his life doing philanthropic work. 

Shiv Nadar is the reason behind the greatest innovative and technological revolution in the country. Started as a platform to provide IT Hardware, HCL Technologies is now a renowned IT multinational company that provides a variety of IT solutions worldwide. 


After Shiv Nadar, his daughter Roshni Nadar has become the Chairman of the HCL. She is the first woman in India to lead an IT Company and successfully carries forward the legacy of her father, Shiv Nadar. HCL Technologies has offices in 52 countries and over 2 lakh employees are associated with the company. HCL Technologies is standing tall among India’s top 10 companies for the past few years. 


Shiv Nadar wants to create a just and educated society. He believes that education is a very important aspect of life and everyone should have the access to education. He contributes generously for providing education to young students. According to Shiv Nadar, Education is and will be the most powerful tool for individual and social change, and we must do all that it takes to facilitate it.

The foundation was laid by Shiv Nadar in 1994. The aim of the Shiv Nadar behind this foundation is to provide quality and merit-based education in India. In 1996, Shiv Nadar established the SSN College in Chennai in the memory of his father. The school offers technical courses like Computer Applications & IT, BTech, MTech and many others. The courses provide professional training along with the theoretical knowledge of the subjects and prepare students to take up the industry roles more efficiently. 

Under the umbrella of the Shiv Nadar Foundation, two Vidyagyan Schools were established in UP for the rural and underprivileged students. It provides scholarships in over 50 districts of UP for 200 students. His humanistic works and philanthropist approach prove that Shiv Nadar is a man who believes in giving back to society in every way possible.

His ideas and vision not only give India a company that is excelling in the IT sector but also colleges and schools to give students better opportunities to learn. SHIKSHA is another initiative by Shiv Nadar Foundation which was announced in 2012 to eradicate illiteracy with enhanced learning and a technology-enabled program. 

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The university of Shiv Nadar Foundation is focusing more on research and development that benefits students and also has tie-ups with foreign universities. It helps in focusing on practical knowledge of the subject and prepares students for the outside world. 


The great deeds by Shiv Nadar are worth appreciating. His contribution to IT and social works is recognized by the Indian government and many other big reputed associations. Here are a few of the awards and achievements he has got so far

  • For his humanitarian approach, he was honoured with “Most Generous Indian” by Hurun India in 2006. 
  • He was also awarded Padma Bhushan in 2008 for his excellent input in the IT industry. 
  • In 2015, Forbes International recognized his efforts and named him ‘The Outstanding Philanthropist of the Year’. 
  • Shiv Nadar was listed twice in the Hurun India Philanthropy List in 2016 and 2019. 


Shiv Nadar is an Indian businessman who is credited with changing the world’s perspective on the IT industry. The business tycoon, Shiv Nadar makes HCL Technologies a multinational company that provides a variety of IT solutions. His idea of success is that if people are committed and focused on their goals, they can achieve anything in the world. He believes that the younger generation has the innovative brilliance and courage to take risks, and that is why they are capable of becoming excellent leaders and serving the nation.


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