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We are living in an era of technology, and you all must have heard about Infosys, the world’s best-known IT consulting and software services offering application development, software maintenance, internet consulting, and many others. We all know that it was started in 1981, but did you know that Narayan Murthy started it with only 10,000 Rs, a company which has now become India’s most admired and best known global brand. It receives more than 20,000 job applications every year. Today, the number of people working at Infosys amounts to 2 lakh 60 thousand.

The cruel fact of life is your success will not be served to you, you have to self-grab it. And it will for sure involve struggle! Let’s take a tour of Infosys and learn some interesting facts about the company and know how it became the second-largest IT company in India. Some facts about Infosys you should know. 

1. Contribution of Narayan’s wife, Sudha Murthy

In Narayan Murthy’s struggle, his wife, Sudha Murthy was major support, Narayan Murthy borrowed Rs 10,000 from his wife and started the company along with his 6 other friends, Nandan Nilekani, S D Shibulal, Kris Gopalakrishnan, Ashok Arora, N S Raghavan, and K Dinesh. Their first office was a room in NS Raghavan’s house.

2. Infosys First employee 

You all might have thought that Narayan Murthy was the first employee of the company, but let me break this fact straight to you. The first employee was S Raghvan. In fact,  Murthy was the 4th employee, as it took him 1 year to finish his pending work in the Patni computer system.

3. The moment which might have shut down the Infosys 

There was a dark phase in his story in Infosys, In 1989 one of his co-founders Ashok Arora quit the company. But everyone else stayed and thanks to the consistent faith of Narayan Murthy in the company, the company is now known by all in the business world.

4. The unsubscribed IPO

On one side where the country was dealing with the biggest financial scam of 1992, Infosys did not mind this at all, and with only 13% unsubscribed IPO it came public, however, they took this risk with complete calculation.

5. First on the list

In 1999, Infosys became the 1st Indian IT company to get listed on the NASDAQ (nas dak) stock exchange. NASDAQ-100 index lists the 100 largest non-financial stocks in terms of market capitalization. Infosys has been ranked amongst the top 50 most respected companies in the world by global reputation pulse 2009, besides this, it also has been voted as the most admired Indian company in the Wall Street Journal Asia 200 for continuous 10 years since 2000. 

6. Contribution to India 

Infosys’s contribution to the nation’s GDP has grown impressively! Infosys has given employment to over 2 lakh employees. Not only this, but Infosys Foundation also committed 100 crore rupees to support efforts towards fighting the Covid-19 pandemic in India.

7. The company did not have a computer for 2 years 

Today’s second-largest Indian IT company did not have a computer for 2 years when it was established. Murthy was not financially stable to afford data general 32 bit MV 8000. It took Infosys about 2 years to buy a high-quality computer with its own funds.

8. The training center at Mysore

How does it feel to know that India has the largest education center in the world? Infosys global education center in Mysore is the largest corporate education center in the world, with 200 classrooms, 400 instructors, gym, swimming pool, and multiplex spread across 370 acres of land.

9. A giant empire

From ranking no. 3 on the 2019 Forbes “Worlds Best Regarded Companies” list with their presence in 46 countries, Infosys has built a huge empire. It has a market capitalization of over  Rs 5 lakh crore and has more than 90,000 crores in revenue, which makes it one of the largest companies in India with 40 years of experience.

10. Contribution to the society

Did you know that Infosys foundation gives an award of Rs 73 lakh every year to honor outstanding achievements in science and research, not only this, they also have been involved in building over 2,500 houses in the flood areas, 1500 restrooms, 60,000 libraries, and provided food to 1.4mn school children. Along with this, they have also contributed a notable amount to the  “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”.

Narayan Murthi’s saying “I’m going to stick with it and make it” is not at all a joke. Infosys is the best and well-known brand in this modern era. 




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