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Chinese Entrepreneur – Jack Ma – The Biography of a Self-Made Billionaire

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Net Worth: $44.4 billion as of 2020

Jack Ma, originally Ma Yun, (born September 10, 1964, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China), a Chinese entrepreneur who was head of the Alibaba Group, which consists of several of China’s most popular Websites, including the business-to-business marketplace Alibaba.com and the shopping site Taobao.com.

jack Ma got intrigued by the English language as a little fellow, and during his teenage, he functioned as a guide for unfamiliar vacationers to Hangzhou. He bombed the placement test for the Hangzhou Teachers College twice. (His frail point was mathematics). He was conceded on the third attempt, in 1984, and he graduated with a four-year college education in English in 1988. From 1988 to 1993 he was teaching English at the Hangzhou Institute of Electronics and Engineering (presently Hangzhou Dianzi University). In 1994, he established his first organization, the Haibo Translation Agency, which gave English interpretation and understanding.

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How Jack ma started Alibaba?

While traveling to the United States for the benefit of the Hangzhou regional government in 1995, Ma had his first experience with the Internet and saw the absence of Chinese Web destinations as an extraordinary business opportunity. On his return, he established China Pages, which made Web locales for Chinese organizations and was one of China’s first Internet organizations. He left the organization two years later on account of solid rivalry from the correspondence organization Hangzhou Telecom, which had established an adversary organization, the Chinese page.

From 1998 to 1999 jack Ma was top of an Internet organization in Beijing that was upheld by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. He felt, in any case, that if he stayed with the administration, he would pass up the monetary open doors that the Internet was bringing. Ma convinced his group at the service to return to Hangzhou with him and found the Alibaba Group, which dispatched a Website that encouraged arrangements between independent ventures.

Jack Ma persuaded that the private company to-independent venture Internet market had a prominent potential for development than the business-to-customer Internet market had. Independent companies paid a participation expense to be ensured as reliable dealers on Alibaba, with a more noteworthy expense being charged to organizations that wished to offer to clients outside China. Development was quick; in 2005 Alibaba pulled in the consideration of the American Internet entry Yahoo!, which purchased a 40 percent stake, and in 2007 Alibaba.com brought 1.7 billion dollars up in its first sale of stock (IPO) in Hong Kong.

In 2003 Ma created a new company, the customer to-purchaser online commercial center Taobao (Chinese: “looking for treasure”). At that point, the American organization eBay, as a team with the Chinese organization EachNet, had a piece of the overall industry of 80 percent, yet Ma felt that eBay-EachNet’s approach of charging clients an exchange expense was a shortcoming. Taobao didn’t charge such an expense yet brought in cash from internet publicizing and the offer of extra administrations to clients.

Ma’s instinct demonstrated right; by 2007 Taobao had a 67 percent piece of the pie, and eBay yielded lion’s share responsibility for Chinese activities to the Chinese-language media organization TOM Group, which made the auxiliary TOM EachNet. In 2011 Ma reported that Taobao would part into three organizations: Taobao Marketplace, where people could purchase and sell merchandise; Taobao Mall, an internet shopping gateway; and a shopping-related web crawler. In September 2014 the Alibaba Group appeared an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange that raised $21.8 billion.

That IPO was the biggest ever in the United States and gave the organization a market estimation of $168 billion, the most elevated incentive in IPO history around than for any Internet organization. In September 2018 it was reported that Ma would step down as administrator of Alibaba the next year, however, he would stay on the board.

Jack Ma: The billionaire trying to stop coronavirus (and fix China’s reputation)

The most extravagant man in China opened his own Twitter account during the circumstance of Coronavirus, in the Covid-19 episode. Up until now, all of his presents have been committed to his unmatched mission to convey clinical supplies to pretty much every nation around the globe.

“One world, one battle!” Jack Ma enthused in one of his first messages. “Together, we can do this!” he cheered in another.

The tycoon business visionary is the main thrust behind a far and wide activity to transport clinical supplies to150 nations up until this point, sending face covers and ventilators to numerous spots that have been elbowed out of the worldwide fight over life-sparing gear.

Yet, Ma’s faultfinders we can say and even a portion of his supporters aren’t sure what he’s getting himself into. He has this strong endeavor into worldwide charity uncovering him as the amicable essence of China’s Communist Party? Or on the other hand, would he say he is a free player who is being utilized by the Party for publicity purposes? He seems, by all accounts, to be adhering to China’s discretionary guidelines, especially while picking which nations should profit by his gifts, however, his developing clout may place him in the line of sight of the envious pioneers at the head of China’s political pyramid.

Jack Ma Achievements

Jack Ma has received many awards and has been appreciated a lot throughout his life. He was mentioned in the “Top 10 Economic Personalities of the Year” list by China Central Television in 2004. He was also featured in the “25 most powerful Business People in Asia” list in 2005. Another significant achievement added to his list when “Business Week” magazine named him “Businessperson of the year” in 2007.

The list does not end here. 2009 was one of the special years for him as Jack Ma successfully secured a spot in “World’s 100 most influential People” in Time Magazine. He is named as 30th most powerful person in the world in the year 2014.

The “Entrepreneur of the year” award in 2015 in the “Asian Awards” ceremony was honored to him. At the international level when UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres appointed him as a new advocate alongside 16 other influential global leaders to promote sustainable development growth.

Jack Ma was recently honored with the “Malcolm S. Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award” at Forbes Global Conference.

These rewards and achievements suggest that Jack Ma is one of the most significant influential figures in the world. He is one of the great entrepreneurs in today’s world. Even though he stepped down from one of the largest e-commerce businesses but he continues to influence others through his extraordinary works.



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