NM Arthashastra Fest

Narsee Monjee’s Fest Arthashastra’23 Ends With Great Success!

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After months of hard work and preparation, it was only fair for team Arthashastra to receive the mind-altering success they rightfully received. Arthashastra ‘23 was held on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of February, 2023. The theme of Arthashastra 23, “Realm of Revolution ” was clearly seen through events like JAM, Bear the Bull, and Pseudo Holmes. Whether it’s ArthaSummit or ArthaSocials, there was an event for all the corporate cultists out there. Over the past 6 months, Arthashastra’s working force had grown substantially.

The teamwork, dedication and respect for one another were clearly seen during and after working hours. The participants were filled to the brim with creative business plans and their winning spirit could be felt not only by the organising committee but also by the outstanding array of judges who were invited to these events. Amit Mishra set the mood straight with his harmonious voice while Raunaq Rajani made the audience laugh their hearts out.

NM Arthashastra Fest

On the final day, colours of happiness were spread across the sky as the whole team of 150 members hugged the year out and cried tears of happiness. This tidal wave, with the hunger to be the best and project the most jaw-dropping corporate events has come to a rest for now, only to come back stronger and bigger next year. Surely, in similarity to this year,  Arthashastra ’24 will be ready to go beyond all limits! 

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