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Manju Mastakar: The Architect of Financial Success

“We are here to provide professional insights and strategic advice on all facets of the financial needs. Manju Mastakar (MD, Armstrong Capital & Financial Services) While most people get scared of numbers, Manju Mastakar has harboured a deep affection for them. While people of her age were busy selecting the ideal tourist destinations, Manju, at […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Manju Mastakar

Manju Mastakar: The Finance Genius

“At Armstrong Capital, Every relationship starts with a Financial Plan.” Manju Mastakar (MD, Armstrong Capital & Financial Services) “I tracked stocks when I was in high school. Then in my early college days, I learned to read Balance Sheets. I would also try to analyse the published balance sheet of listed companies.” Manju Mastakar has […]

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