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Manju Mastakar: The Architect of Financial Success

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“We are here to provide professional insights and strategic advice on all facets of the financial needs.

Manju Mastakar (MD, Armstrong Capital & Financial Services)

While most people get scared of numbers, Manju Mastakar has harboured a deep affection for them. While people of her age were busy selecting the ideal tourist destinations, Manju, at the age of only 19, decided to start her professional journey with a Chartered Accountancy firm during her articleship, to understand the world of accounting. As time progressed, she moved through roles in financial institutions, mastering accounts, trading, research, and client relations. 

The entrepreneurial bug bit her when she moved to Bangalore after her marriage when she educated clients about the basics of stock market movements. She took the plunge and incepted Armstrong Capital & Financial Services in 2010. Juggling different balls at the same time, Manju has built her company from the ground up; it is now a venture with 1000+ clients and assets under management of ₹400 crores. 

The foundation of every entrepreneur’s empire is built with bricks of vision. With approachability, patience, trust, open communication, recognition of unique contributions, and mentorship as her weapons, Manju stands resolute. She believes in leading by creating a positive work environment and involving the team while she makes business decisions. 

“Today, Armstrong is one of the most trustworthy brands in the Finance Services industry. What sets us apart is our promise to stay transparent, focus on clients, and consistent urge to deliver the best. We use creative marketing strategies like participating in industry events, networking forums, and conferences,” says Manju with pride. 

An Investment Management Powerhouse 

Armstrong Capital offers holistic financial services, including wealth management, investment advisory, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance solutions and financial planning. To ensure alignment with market needs and competitiveness, it continuously monitors industry trends, diversifies its product portfolio with innovative financial products, and drives service innovation to meet evolving client demands. 

The MD, while emphasising the core of Armstrong says, “In 2010, I noticed a gap in how people’s investments were managed. At that time, the financial industry focused on selling products and did not give any advice considering the bigger picture of all past investments. When I understood this gap, I decided to bridge it with our financial plans. Our client-centric financial plans carefully consider all past investments and current commitments, aiming to build lasting relationships rather than just selling products.”

Every financial journey is unique and Armstrong treats it as such, keeping the client’s goals, aspirations and financial circumstances at the forefront of every decision it makes. With the values of integrity, honesty, effective communication, top-notch service, prudence and excellence, Armstrong provides comprehensive investment solutions. It serves a diverse clientele comprising over 1000 individuals. It creates personalised financial plans, does regular financial reviews, offers customised solutions and creates an environment of trust and open communication.

“I always stay proactive by keeping a strict eye on industry advancements and investing in personal and professional growth. As one must keep exploring new ways to thrive and grow in this evolving market, we introduce new financial products, diversify revenue streams and regularly participate in industry events to stay connected with what’s new and trending,” explains the Director. 

Manju Mastakar The Architect of Financial Success

The Courage To Keep Going

Manju Mastakar draws inspiration from words of wisdom by Winston Churchill – “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts. These words always motivate Manju to stay strong in the face of challenges and keep moving forward. 

“Each setback is an opportunity for learning and improvement,” Manju signs off. 

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