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Manju Mastakar: The Finance Genius

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“At Armstrong Capital, Every relationship starts with a Financial Plan.”

Manju Mastakar
(MD, Armstrong Capital
& Financial Services)

“I tracked stocks when I was in high school. Then in my early college days, I learned to read Balance Sheets. I would also try to analyse the published balance sheet of listed companies.” Manju Mastakar has always loved the world of the stock market.

The future of finance is female. A woman that bears testimony to this is Manju Mastakar whose entry into the financial market reminds us of ‘You don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you.’

Manju started her career in the Dalal Street of Mumbai advising Direct Equity Traders. While working in investment giants like Motilal Oswal, MF Global, and HSBC, she learnt the nuts and bolts of the finance world. Manju knew what to do next. She commenced her entrepreneurial journey by gifting the country an investment solution firm in 2010 that would offer a complete spectrum of wealth management services to its clients.

Powered by research & Driven to perform, in these 13 years of journey, Armstrong Capital & Financial Services has gained the trust of all its clients. The company manages a versatile portfolio that covers a broad spectrum of Financial Services like Direct Equities, Mutual Funds, International Funds, PMS, AIF, REITS, Structured products, Passive Indexes, Private Placements, Treasury management, Risk management, Corporate Bonds and Fixed Income Instruments.

A Comprehensive Investment Solutions Company

“Armstrong was founded based on a passion for research, a devotion to transparency and a promise to put the client’s interest first in everything we do,” says Manju.

Having worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years, Manju has been very effective with her policies, plans and their implementations. Her unwavering commitment helped the organisation empower its wings and fly in distant skies. She is an eternal optimist who does not shrink away from challenges. For her, challenges are no more confined to achieving scale but to align the strategy of the organisation with a changed environment.

While commenting on the scenario of the financial service industry during 2010, Manju states “When I started in 2010, I felt that something was missing in the way Individuals’ Investments were managed. The financial services industry was concerned only with selling their financial products and did not give advice seeing the holistic picture of the past Investments.” 

She felt that there was a visible gap and therefore bridged it with her financial plans. The plans devised by Armstrong Capital take into consideration all the past investments and current commitments. Post successful analysis, the company develops tailored solutions that meet the specific goal of the clients.

Emphasis On The Financial Plan

At Manju’s Armstrong Capital, every client relationship starts with a Financial Plan.

Since day one of the company’s establishment, Armstrong Capital is offering a systematic approach to financial planning so that all financial goals can be identified and achieved. Each client is serviced by Personal Investment Advisor along with a Service Manager backed by in-house research and technology platform.

“Incorporating technology, software and digital tools, help us streamline our processes, and enhance the client experience,” asserts Manju.

Helping Women Climb Up The Ladder

Armstrong Capital is a woman driven organisation, therefore, the empathy toward working mothers stays high. The company hires women who had taken a sabbatical to raise their children as in Manju’s words, “These women have a lot of talent and zeal. What they need is to be accommodative to their needs for flexible working hours.” Manju’s firm hires them and empowers them.

Manju believes empowerment comes through clarity of mission, purpose, principles for action, removal of hurdles and an unswerving commitment to measuring outcomes and acknowledging & rewarding outperformance.

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