Kshama Bindu India's First Sologamist

Kshama Bindu: India’s First Sologamist

“Knowing your worth and not settling for anything less is the ultimate power of self-love,” are the words of Kshama Bindu, who married herself. She is India’s first sologamist who broke stereotypical concepts of marriage in society. The act of sologomy was an unheard concept in India, therefore when she married herself, Kshama became an […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Arti Khosla

Arti Khosla: The Educational Systems Expert

“We, at COAE International, empower educational leaders to enable them to achieve excellence.”  Arti Khosla (Founder & CEO, COAE International) Education is the backbone of any nation and it’s a weapon that can ensure the movement from darkness to light for the entire human race. Enkindling a transformational change in the education sector, Arti Khosla, […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Nikunj Sharma

Nikunj Sharma: The Opulent Designer

“We put ourselves in the client’s shoes to understand them better in terms of requirements and budget.” Nikunj Sharma (Founder and Principal Designer, Nikunj Sharma Design Studio) What makes a designer different from other designers? “Versatility and Adaptability”, answers Nikunj Sharma, a renowned name in the interior design industry. Infusing creativity and glamour in each […]

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