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Nikunj Sharma: The Opulent Designer

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“We put ourselves in the client’s shoes to understand them better in terms of requirements and budget.”

Nikunj Sharma
(Founder and Principal Designer, Nikunj Sharma Design Studio)

What makes a designer different from other designers? “Versatility and Adaptability”, answers Nikunj Sharma, a renowned name in the interior design industry. Infusing creativity and glamour in each design is her forte. With her attention to detail and passion for design, she never leaves an opportunity to outshine.

She stepped into the interior design field after taking the technical qualification at the tender age of only 16. Thereafter, she started her career as an intern during her academics; she worked with a few architects to sharpen her skills. Post course completion, she worked as a Junior Interior Designer with renowned interior designers & architects and learnt deep industry insights from them. After a few years of gaining technical exposure, Nikunj relocated to Jaipur after marriage and started working as an educator for renowned design institutes.

She founded Nikunj Sharma Design Studio in 2000 to teach interior design to all those passionate about this domain. It’s been more than 2 decades since the firm’s inception and Nikunj has mastered the art of changing the entire narrative of glamorous designs quite well. Delivering excellence in designs, she has worked with many clients in India and abroad.

Designs That Create Impressions

Known for its unparalleled ingenuity, Nikunj Sharma Design Studio stands tall as an interior design firm that creates stunning first impressions. Choosing the best textures, patterns and colours for design, the creative experts of the firm design spaces in a manner that reflects splendour and sophistication.

From 3000 sq ft to 28000 sq ft projects, the firm has the potential to handle projects of every size. Whether it’s residential, hospitality, commercial or institutional, Nikunj Sharma Design Studio does it all. “We explore and experiment with new materials and technologies that can meet our client’s needs which makes us stand out from our competition,” asserts the Founder.

Innovating and bringing new possibilities in the interior design of each project, the company offers exceptional services in BOQ & Estimates, Creative Arts and Design and Build. The proper supervision and detailed drawings of the design help the company in the timely delivery of the projects maintaining the highest standards of quality and creativity.

“Our mission is to give the best of the services whether it comes to drawings, detailing or timeline,” iterates the Principal Designer who envisions expanding the firm to multiple parts of India.

Delivering With Perfection

Nikunj ensures that each project is delivered to the client with perfection. Each project, under Nikunj’s guidance, defines a whole new definition of elegance and perfection. That is why clients trust Nikunj Sharma Design Studio with their interior design requirements. The firm has delivered many successful projects for many Indian and international clients like Hakim’s Aalim, the MPS group of schools, NIMS university and many more to the list.

Jewels To The Crown 

The Opulent Designer in the town has won many awards validating her outstanding work in the industry.

  • ‘Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Award’
  • ‘Trendsetter Interior Design Firm of The Year’ 2023 North India under the category of premium residential and commercial projects
  • ‘Jaipur Couture Show’ Award for interior design excellence in Jaipur

‘Don’t Limit Yourself’

Nikunj believes that accepting mistakes is the only way to move forward towards success. She says, “When you make a mistake, there are only three things you should ever do about it: first, Admit it; second, Learn from it and third, Don’t repeat it”. 

She also advises budding entrepreneurs to “Learn from their peers as everyone has something to teach; be it work-related or personal. Keep learning, this is the only way we can be successful.”

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