Companies in focus, Sushila Ram Varma, The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services

The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services: Expanding Horizons of Legal Expertise

“We believe in giving complete support to our clients by giving correct and timely advice.” Sushila Ram Varma (Co-Founder and Chief Consultant, The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services) The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services (TIL), as the name itself suggests, stands as a reputed Law Firm providing legal services ranging from advisory, planning and negotiating services […]

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Companies in focus, Anish Unadkt, SuperTax

SuperTax: Revolutionising Processes with Automation

“Once a customer uses our product, they become our brand ambassador.” Anish Unadkat (Founder, SuperTax) In the era of technological advancements, manual processing is a thing of the past. Businesses today demand advanced applications that offer fully automated features, minimising the need for manual intervention. Embracing the digital revolution, SuperTax is revolutionising the industry with its […]

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Companies in focus, Deepak Tuli, Nevrio Tech

Nevrio Tech: Engineering Software Brilliance with the Latest Tech

“While the digital world is an always changing horizon, Nevrio Tech is constantly adapting to new trends & technologies.” -Deepak Tuli (COO, Nevrio Tech) In the bustling heart of the business world, a revolution was silently unfolding. Businesses were awakening to a profound truth: The power of technology to shape the destiny of the business […]

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Companies in focus, Vishal Agarwal, CRM Masters

CRM Masters: Unleashing the Power of CRM

“We take complete responsibility and accountability for our recommendations, ensuring smooth execution.” Vishal Agarwal (Director & Owner, CRM Masters) In the ever-evolving business landscape, customer relationship management has become the heart of every growing company, fueling lead generation, optimising conversion rates, and ensuring exceptional customer service. One company that has emerged as a leading player […]

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Companies in focus, Basil Leaf Creative, Meghna Nirav Parekh

Basil Leaf Creative: Pathway to Powerful Corporate Communication

“We focus on making your corporate communications crisp, clear, and creative.” Meghna Nirav Parekh (Proprietor, Basil Leaf Creative) In a fast-paced world, where information flows ceaselessly and opportunities arise with every interaction, communication is the lifeblood that fuels success. Enter Basil Leaf Creative, the leading provider of comprehensive and cutting-edge communication solutions that helps corporate […]

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Companies in focus, Sumit Mondal, AC and DC Electricals

AC and DC Electrical: Electrical Mastery Redefined

“Our purpose is to enable a more sustainable and resource-efficient future.” Sumit Mondal (MD, AC and DC Electrical) In an era where technological advancements and electrification dominate every aspect of our lives, the electrical industry plays a crucial role in powering our world. Amidst this rapidly evolving landscape, AC and DC Electrical has emerged as […]

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Companies in focus, Pravin Nikam, Winspiration

Winspiration: Unlocking Sustainable Engineering Solutions

“We aim to be leaders in driving positive change through our engineering expertise.” Pravin Nikam (Founder & CEO, Winspiration) The world of engineering has always been synonymous with innovation, pushing the boundaries of possibility and shaping the future. Amongst the multitude of companies striving to make their mark in this competitive realm, one name stands […]

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Companies in focus, Rohit Sankar & Prasenjit Dey, CricXtasy

CricXtasy: The Thrilling World of Cricket

“At the heart of our mission lies the desire to empower, not just create fleeting fortunes. We want to equip cricket enthusiasts with the knowledge and strategies needed to master the art of daily fantasy cricket.” Rohit Sankar (Co-founder, CricXtasy) Destiny intertwined the paths of two techies from diverse corners of India in 2017. These […]

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Companies in focus, Afility Engineering

Afility Engineering: Elevating Engineering Standards

“Our expertise extends to delivering comprehensive technical solutions for complex engineering projects.” Mayur Ramkrishna Badgujar (Chief Operating Officer), Pankaj Ghaware (General Manager), and Mallappa Sajjan (Director – Engineering), Afility Engineering With a commitment to excellence and a vision for streamlining project execution, Afility Engineering is revolutionising the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for Green as […]

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Companies in focus, Daniel & Vipan, I-mage

I-Mage: From Pixels to Brilliance

“By constantly exploring new avenues and pushing the boundaries of technology, we strive to redefine the possibilities of visual storytelling.” Vipan Raj Singh & Daniele Longo (Co-Founders,  I-Mage) Should businesses of all types and forms elevate their marketing efforts by enhancing the product image through photo editing, retouching and manipulation?  We all know that the […]

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