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The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services: Expanding Horizons of Legal Expertise

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“We believe in giving complete support to our clients by giving correct and timely advice.”

Sushila Ram Varma (Co-Founder and Chief Consultant,
The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services)

The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services (TIL), as the name itself suggests, stands as a reputed Law Firm providing legal services ranging from advisory, planning and negotiating services to setting up a legal entity and helping the operations to grow by providing varied legal professional support. It is headquartered in New Delhi and has offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Darjeeling. The inception of the Firm is a fascinating tale in itself.

In the face of a health setback, Sushila Ram Varma, the current Co-Founder and Chief Consultant of the Firm, found herself compelled to take a break from her career. Always being a busy professional, this was agonising for her. Therefore, she started thinking of ways of reaching out to people even when she was unable to work and travel. Recognizing the growing digital landscape in India, she came up with the idea of utilising this medium to her advantage. Thus, she established the Firm as an online platform in 2011, providing quick access to lawyers and legal advice for clients.

People are generally hesitant to approach lawyers because of the perception that it could lead to years of legal tangles and issues. They also think that lawyers are difficult to reach and are expensive. To address these concerns, I wanted to create a virtual platform where clients could interact with legal professionals from the comfort of their own surroundings, without any hassle. Initially named ‘The Indian Lawyer,’ our platform successfully served diverse clients from various regions, both within India and around the world,” explains Sushila. 

Reliable. Responsible. Resourceful. 

Other than providing a range of transactional legal services, the firm also handles mediation, conciliations, out-of-court settlements, litigations and arbitrations, both domestic and international. 

The Co-Founder explains, “The Allied Services in the Firm means the support taken from professionals in other verticals such as business consultancy, financial advice, tax advice, risk management and compliances. We endeavour to act as a one-stop shop for our Clients.”

The Team of TIL wholeheartedly embraces its motto: “Reliable, Responsible, and Resourceful”. It believes in the synergy between professionals and clients, recognising that working collaboratively leads to optimal outcomes. TIL is committed to avoiding any form of client misguidance and adopting a direct approach to swiftly identify the most effective solutions to their needs.

Client Service: The Topmost Priority

TIL’s clientele ranges from high-net-worth individuals to start-ups, large companies, mega companies, MNCs and billion-dollar companies. 

“We always take out time to truly understand our client’s needs,” emphasises Ms. Varma. “In matters of dispute resolution, our initial approach revolves around looking at out-of-court settlements or mediation. If that does not work, then we litigate on behalf of the client.”


Ms. Sushila Ram Varma has many awards and accolades to her name because of her selfless work in the field of law. Here are a few of the highly esteemed recognitions she has received:

  • ‘Women Entrepreneur Award 2022’ by Great Companies
  • ‘Global Lex-Falcon Award 2022’ by LexTalk World
  • Featured in ‘Dynamic Woman Leaders’ 2022 published by Outlook Business
  • ‘Indian Achievers’ Award 2021’ by the Indian Achievers’ Forum (IAF)
  • ‘Best Boutique Business Law Firm- India 2021’ for the Asia-Pacific Region by APAC Insider
  • ‘Exceptional Women of Excellence Award 2018’ by the Women Economic Forum


TIL envisions itself as a distinguished Law Firm that garners recognition and appreciation from clients for being a reliable source of accurate advice. 

“The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services is a place to trust. It gives me immense pride to say that we have successfully won the confidence of a lot of clients who trust us implicitly,” Sushila beams and signs off.

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